Monday 12th September

TOYAH’S GUILT GETS THE BETTER OF HER Abi asks Toyah if she’d like to have Alfie for a couple of hours ahead of her trial. An emotional Toyah cries over Alfie’s pram, telling him how sorry she is for taking his Daddy away. Back at home Leanne walks in to hear Toyah confessing to Spider that she lied to the police, crashed the car on purpose and intended to kill Imran! As both Spider and Leanne reel, what will they do with Toyah’s confession?

AADI’S WEDDING BELLS SEND DEV SPIRALLING With Kelly by his side, Aadi blurts out the news to Dev that they’re planning to get married in Gretna Green. In shock, Dev rails at Aadi for wanting to chain himself to someone like Kelly. In a bid to win Dev round and prove how serious they are about one another, Kelly and Aadi decide to throw an engagement party. Gary advises Dev to accept Aadi and Kelly’s marriage or he could risk losing his son altogether. Will Dev listen? 

GEORGE TRIES TO PLAY PEACEMAKER Eileen complains to George about his overbearing sister and wonders how long she’s planning to stay. George promises to have a word with Glenda but when Jenny offers her a job at the Rovers, Eileen worries that she’s here to stay!

ELSEWHERE James tells Aggie that a life without football doesn’t bear thinking about and he can’t wait to get back on the pitch. Aggie masks her inner turmoil. Billy urges Sean to have his birthday party at Speed Daal, pointing out that he was homeless once and a show of support for Stu wouldn’t go amiss. Sean’s party booked, Alya and Zeedan hope the tide is turning.

Wednesday 14th September

TOYAH’S TRIAL GETS UNDERWAY As they head to court Toyah’s a bag of nerves, Leanne begs her not to say something she’ll regret and let her solicitor do the talking. As the prosecution barrister paints her as a murderer, Adam and Kelly are called as witnesses. Next Saira tells the court how she saw Toyah kissing Spider and suspects she was having an affair behind Imran’s back and killed him on purpose. Leanne does her best to defend her sister but as Toyah listens, awash with guilt, she decides she has to take the stand! 

SPEED DAAL HAS SOME UNWELCOME CUSTOMERS With Alya out on a lunch date, Zeedan and Stu prepare for Sean’s birthday party. Sean’s overcome when Laurence flowers him with gifts but his face falls when he hints that he may not make the lunch. Ryan watches wistfully as Alya enjoys her date. Ronnie urges him to tell her how he feels. Ryan steals himself and admits to Alya how he deeply regrets taking the money from the bistro and wishes they could get back together. How will Alya react? As Sean’s friends take their seats a man enters Speed Daal, explaining he was a mate of Charlie’s, the girl Stu murdered, he produces a box and removes the lid. Just what has he unleashed?  

GARY AND MARIA TREAD THIN ICE WITH KELLY When Gary offers to chip in towards her wedding, Kelly’s overcome by his kindness whilst Maria masks her concerns. As Kelly plans the engagement party of all parties with her inheritance, Kelly overhears Maria saying that once the party is out of the way, she’ll get bored with Aadi and ditch him. How will Kelly react? 

ELSEWHERE The Baileys welcome James home to a pile of ‘get well’ cards from his fans. But when County’s Manager calls to talk about James’ future, will he get the all clear to return? 

Friday 16th September

KELLY WANTS ANSWERS FROM GARY Gary’s not happy as Sharon visits Kelly to celebrate her engagement and begs her not to ruin Kelly’s life by revealing he killed her Dad. But when Aadi lets slip about Kelly’s kidnap ordeal, and then Kelly asks Gary to give her away at the wedding, Sharon’s horrified. Meanwhile Kelly receives a holdall of her mum’s things which she left in Spain. As she scrolls through a digital camera she’s shocked to see the holiday dated as 17th June 2019, the date her Dad was murdered. Returning home Kelly shows Gary the photos, asserting she wants to know who really killed her dad. Is the game up for Gary?

TOYAH FACES HER FUTURE In the court, the jury delivers their verdict. Spider announces he intends to stick around and meets up with DS Swain to discuss his job.

JENNY DIRECTS LEO’S ATTENTIONS AWAY FROM STEPHEN Leo enthuses about their new life in Canada, whilst Jenny does her best to appear upbeat. As Glenda starts her first shift behind the bar, Daisy goes all out to persuade Jenny that she’d be the perfect manager. As Stephen scams Glenda, making out she gave him the wrong change, will it play in Daisy’s favour? A dejected Jenny glances wistfully around the pub. 

ELSEWHERE Alya and Stu meet with a solicitor who specialises in miscarriages of justice. However they’re floored when they learn the fee will be £15k.

Coronation Street airs hour-long episodes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.

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