Monday 12th September @ 6.30pm on Channel 4

Writer: James Coleman
Director: Will Herbert

Joel finally admits defeat and writes a letter to Warren explaining that he was responsible for running him over earlier this year. At the last second, Sienna pities him and agrees they should put this all behind them.

However, a spying Norma gets her hands on the letter and tells Warren where to find the culprit of the hit and run…

Elsewhere, Ella is nervous about returning to school so Charlie surprises her by plastering embarrassing photos of himself on the school walls, but the gesture doesn’t go down well…

Meanwhile, Zoe opens up to Sam about a traumatic event she went through in her past.

Tuesday 13th September @ 6.30pm on Channel 4

Writer: Colin O’Donnell
Director: Will Herbert

There’s heartbreak for Warren after he finally finds out that his son ran him over.

Sam is lost for words after Zoe’s revelation. She opens up more about what happened and admits she’s seeking counselling at work following Saul’s death. Zoe is confused by Sam’s reaction, but it looks like he could be keeping a secret of his own.

Elsewhere, Tony is busy with potential investors for a village carnival, and Diane decides to surprise him with a flirty night in, which leads to a very awkward moment…

Meanwhile, Mason lashes out at Nancy when she offers to lend an ear, claiming that no teachers care for their students, so she asks Honour to be the school counsellor.

Wednesday 14th September @ 6.30pm on Channel 4

Writer: Emma Morgan
Director: Will Herbert

Sam confides in Lizzie and Ethan who encourage him to come clean to Zoe about what happened with his birth mum. Later, he admits that his family have a history of mental illness but lies at the last second and tells her it was Ethan who struggled with his mental health, not his mum.

Donna-Marie is over the moon about opening her gym this week, but James is rooting for her to fail. She goes to meet with her secret investor only to discover it’s Grace Black, and she’s far from pleased!

Later, a spiralling James taunts John Paul with alcohol and lashes out at Donna-Marie. He then comes up with a dangerous plan…

Thursday 15th September @ 6.30pm on Channel 4

Writer: Daniel Moulson
Director: Will Herbert

Sid tries to convince Lizzie to go on holiday with him, and just when she agrees to think about it, he is left visibly shaken when he receives a letter from prison, and it’s revealed to be Victor…

Dream team Donna-Marie, Grace, Leela and Romeo work on getting the gym ready for its grand opening, whilst James meets with Norma with a devious plan …

James proposes to Norma that she scares Donna-Marie into selling the gym at a low price by arranging a break-in. However, James panics in the last second when he thinks his son is in danger, but it’s Leela who ends up getting hurt…

Dave is mortified when he forgets his anniversary and only has a few hours to plan a romantic meal for Honour, but Tony and Liberty come to his rescue.

Friday 16th September @ 6.30pm on Channel 4

Writer: Luke Delaney
Director: Will Herbert

James is making a fuss over Leela, but Ste confuses his concern as him turning over a new leaf.

Later, all eyes are on James as he makes a big confession…

Elsewhere, Misbah and Zain return from their honeymoon but its not all sunshine and roses as the pair can’t stop bickering. Yazz and Shaq are determined to get to the bottom of it.

Meanwhile, Lizzie surprises Sid with the idea of them both going travelling, but Sid can’t stop thinking about Victor…

Dave encourages Tony to do something special for Diane, but it doesn’t go to plan…