Monday 29th August

The Nightingale family are upset to discover James has fallen back into old habits… Romeo believes the only way to help his dad is to hand him into the police, but sinister Norma stops him in his tracks.

Elsewhere, tensions brew at a silent disco when two exes can’t stop looking at each other.

Also, after finding out about Vicky’s online friend, Joseph proudly admits to her that he slept with someone else and will do it again unless she blocks her new friend. DeMarcus helps a newbie adjust to life in young offenders but ends up running into some trouble.

Meanwhile, Felix is working on the police investigation but feels like he’s at a dead end.

Imran promises Sid he’ll start doing weekly weigh ins to keep track of his progress, but he manages to cheat the scales.

Tuesday 30th August

In an emotional special episode featuring DeMarcus and his dad Felix, the pair open-up during a visit from Felix to young offenders where DeMarcus is currently being held.

It’s the first time Felix has visited since DeMarcus’ arrest, he is there to deliver him his GCSE results in an attempt to give DeMarcus hope for the future. But the meeting is tense as Felix awkwardly battles through the guilt of not visiting sooner, he’s defensive and says he can’t stay for long.

This prompts DeMarcus to talk about how his dad has always run when times get tough.

The episode contains flashbacks of the two men as children, DeMarcus remembering his childhood as he watched his dad leave and Felix back at the home with Cormack.

Later, Verity visits Felix to give him new on the progress of DeMarcus’ case…

Wednesday 31st August

Horrified to discover Vicky might be engaged to Joseph, Scott and Maxine plan to put a stop to the relationship once and for all. Things take a dark turn when Scott casually shows Zoe the picture of Vicky’s engagement ring, and she instantly recognises it as Saul’s ring…

As soon as Felix finds out about the ring, he enlists Scott’s help in finding more evidence by breaking into Joseph’s family home. However, Joseph’s mum, Gill, confuses them for a couple viewing the house, and, in comedic scenes, Felix and Scott pose as newlyweds.

Their mission is a success when Felix manages to obtain a phone Joseph had been hiding in his room, but what will they find on it…

Meanwhile, Maxine confronts Vicky for being engaged but realises it’s not truth, she continues to do some digging and finds out that Serena slept with Joseph.

Elsewhere, guilt-ridden John Paul debates whether to come clean to Goldie about breaking her sculpture of Sylver and, later, Theresa fears he’s turned to drink again.

Also, friends bury the hatchet as Yazz lets Peri know where her loyalty lies, and Juliet overhears Yazz’ true feelings about her.

Thursday 1st September

The McQueens are back to their usual antics when they plan to open an underground bar as a new speakeasy. Sally is concerned this will make John Paul’s recovery difficult but he encourages his family to go ahead with the plan.

Meanwhile, Grace distracts herself by planning another themed night at The Loft, and unknowingly gives Nana an idea too…

Vicky overhears Maxine and Scott talking about Joseph cheating on her, but the real shocker is that she already knows about his infidelity.

Maxine admits to Vicky that they’re suspicious of Joseph’s involvement with Saul’s death and convinces her to give them the password to his hidden phone. She reluctantly agrees, and Felix gets closer to finding out the truth, but as they reach a dead end, Zoe enlists Sam’s help.

Friday 2nd September

Grace and Mercedes go to war once again when the McQueens’ launch their speakeasy with Grace’s theme and signature cocktail recipe. She gets back at them by stealing their posters, but will the two landladies’ see eye to eye…

Later, Mercedes receives a disturbing letter…

Elsewhere, DeMarcus is having a hard time at young offenders, so his classmates Ella, Charlie and Vicky go to visit him, but Vicky is harbouring a dark secret and struggles to meet DeMarcus’ gaze…

Later, shocking new information comes to light for Joseph but he manages to keep his calm under pressure.

Ethan advises Serena to reconsider what she’s wearing in front of Mason. Later, Mason turns to his online friend once again.

Hollyoaks airs Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4, and at 7pm on E4.