Monday 10th October 2022

AARON AND SUMMER GET SHOCKING NEWS Aaron is bombarded with texts from his angry dad, Summer begs him not to go home so Billy and Todd volunteer to check up on him and report back that he was drunk and angry. When the police turn up at the flat, Aaron is stunned as the officer reveals his dad is currently in hospital following a house fire. At the hospital Aaron’s relieved when his dad comes to, but is heartbroken when Eric groggily wishes he hadn’t survived. Aaron blames himself for ignoring his messages and leaving him unsupervised. 

TRACY’S MAD AT HER DAD In the cafe, Wendy gives Ken tickets to a book launch at the bistro for his birthday. Ken and Mary discuss her ideas for the play but when Ken gets a text from Wendy he tells Mary he has to leave. In the Rovers, Mary tells Brian and Tracy that Ken ditched her after receiving a text from Wendy and lied to her face. Clocking Brian’s shiftiness, Tracy’s furious to realise what’s going on. At the book launch Daniel and Daisy tell Ken they are pleased to see him and Wendy together but when Tracy arrives, she makes her feelings very clear! How will Ken react? 

MAX’S SCHOOL HOPES ARE DASHED As part of a school project on displacement, Max conducts an interview with his new friend, from Iraq. Meanwhile, David and Shona are disappointed when Mrs Crawshaw informs them that Max cannot return to Weatherfield High, as there are no places available. Max is devastated when he finds out that Daryan is starting at Weatherfield High and accuses him of stealing his place.

DEE DEE ADMITS HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS When Michael queries how long Dee-Dee’s staying at No.3, Ed agrees that it would be good to know her plans. Feeling unwanted, Dee-Dee flounces out, leaving Aggie annoyed at Ed. Aggie speaks to Tim and he gives her some good advice. Dee-Dee confesses to her parents that she’s been lonely in LA and doesn’t intend to go back. Dee-Dee contacts her boss in LA and quits her job. As she and Michael bicker good-naturedly, a happy Aggie texts Tim and thanks him for their chat.

YASMEEN MAKES PROGRESS FOR STU Bridget meets Yasmeen in the Rovers. Yasmeen guesses that she and Eliza want to continue seeing Stu but Lucy is the one who’s against it. Yasmeen announces to Alya and Stu that Bridget and Eliza are coming round tomorrow, but won’t be telling Lucy.  Stu’s thrilled.

Wednesday 12th October 202

STU FINALLY FINDS OUT THE TRUTH Bridget and Eliza are enjoying brunch with Yasmeen and Stu but as Eliza asks Stu about life in prison it becomes too much for Bridget who runs out to the garden. Stu follows her to comfort her and talks about how angry he was at being in jail for something he didn’t do but is shocked by what she reveals. Dee-Dee leaves Alya a voicemail explaining that the DNA results are due tomorrow. 

MARIA’S DEATH THREATS RESUME Maria’s unsettled by the disparaging comments under an online article about her rehoming of refugees. Maria shows David and Shona a troll’s comment that gives away where she works. David pops home and asks Max if he can use his laptop but when Max refuses David is suspicious. When Maria reveals her home address has not been revealed David confides to Shona that he believes Max is behind it, as revenge over Daryan. Shona’s worried as David vows to confront him. Max denies having anything to do with it.

SUMMER REFUSES TO GIVE UP ON AARON Summer begs Aaron to let her share his burden, but Aaron tells her he has to focus on his dad. Summer’s crushed. Summer finds Billy entertaining a couple, Mike and Esther, in the flat. Explaining they are running a charity clothes swap event, Billy volunteers Summer to help.

TIM FEELS THE HEAT Tim feels a fraud when Sally plans a night out at the bistro tomorrow, as another thank you for her perfect anniversary present. Aggie tells Tim she made out to Ed that the necklace Tim bought her was an old one. Tim agrees not to contradict her story.

TRACY HAS PLANS FOR WENDY Ken’s gobsmacked when Tracy apologises for making a scene on his birthday and offers to cook lunch for Wendy to welcome her into the family. Wendy arrives at No.1, grateful for Tracy’s olive branch. But Ken’s furious when Tracy dishes up her offering – Deirdre’s speciality, stuffed marrow! 

Friday 14th October 2022

ALYA’S RESULTS DAY TURNS SOUR Stu’s feeling lighter for knowing the truth but it’s clearly a struggle for Yasmeen. Dee-Dee calls into Speed Daal and informs Alya the results are in, she is shocked by what she hears.

TIM AND AGGIE ARE PUBLICLY OUTED Arriving home to find Sally doing a disco aerobics workout, Tim gamely joins in. Their workout over, Sally and Tim enjoy a laugh before indulging in a passionate kiss. Sally and Tim are elated after having sex for the first time in months. Sally and Tim head over to the Bistro where Ed asks them to share their table

Aggie’s awkward as Sally admires her necklace, unaware Tim bought it for her. Seeing that Aggie is puzzled by his and Sally’s flirtatious behaviour he sends her a text – but is horrified to realise he sent it to Sally! How will she react?

NICK GETS A LETTER FROM HARVEY Nick shows a shocked Leanne that they have both received prison visiting orders from Harvey Gaskell in the post. They agree not to respond, and Nick rips them up. Leanne begins to waver and admits to Nick she’s a bag of nerves and won’t be able to rest until she’s found out what Harvey wants.

IS MAX IN TROUBLE AGAIN? At No.8, Max totally blanks David for having him interrogated by the police. David tells Shona they will see what the police find on Max’s laptop. Max rows with David for showing no faith in him. David takes a call from the police informing him they are coming round to talk to them.

FERN DOUBLE CROSSES BERNIE Bernie announces she’s taking an extra job as a cleaner for a high-end agency so that she can contribute more money to the household. At No.5, Fern tells a disappointed Bernie that the cleaning agency is dodgy and she should steer well clear.  Sending Bernie out for a takeaway, Fern quickly swipes a bank statement from a drawer and a top from Bernie’s ironing pile before rushing out of the house. Bernie returns to No.5 to find no sign of Fern. Gemma’s sceptical Fern even exists and reckons Bernie’s too old to have an imaginary friend.

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