Maria’s having a bit of a rough time isn’t she since she started at the council?

She’s having a rough time again, she’s getting more online abuse, She thought it had died down, it had all gone a bit quiet but when the trolling comes back again it’s not very nice.

How does she feel when the trolling starts up again?

It’s bringing back the memories of last time it happened. Last time it got to the stage where she was scared to even leave the house, so when it starts up again she says to Gary, I can’t not read it, I need to because sometimes it might be helpful to listen to people’s views. But obviously it’s just not nice and she’s concerned for her safety and that of her family again.

Suspicion falls on Max, doesn’t it? Why is that?

Well, it’s more David that suspects it’s Max. Maria only finds out when she sees David on the street and Max is being taken away in a police car. David tells her that he thinks it might be Max behind the trolling and I guess it makes sense that it could be Max because of what’s happened with his school place.

Is Max behind the trolling? (Picture: ITV)

What has happed with Max?

Maria’s been helping refugees to settle in Weatherfield, there’s one lad in particular called Daryan that she’s been helping him and she tries to get him a place at Weatherfield High School. He’s only been in the country for a couple of months and she sort of takes him under her wing, helps him out, introduces him to Max and they get on really well. Max makes a friend of him and does an interview with him for a project he’s working on. Everything seems fine but then Max wants to get back into Weatherfield High after his time at the pupil referral unit, everyone seems really positive about it but then Daryan finds out that he’s got a place at the high school and Max hasn’t. Max feels like he took his place and I think Max blames Maria for that as she was the one helping him.

How have you felt in the past when you’ve read stuff from trolls?

It’s not nice, it’s horrible, I don’t think anyone can say that it doesn’t affect them because you’re human. It does affect you, it can ruin your day, it can ruin your week, it’s horrible. I just wish they had more of a conscience before they said those things.

Do you hope that something good can come out of this storyline and it might make people who don’t even consider themselves trolls, actually think about the upset they can cause?

Yeah I hope so. Just highlighting the issues and hopefully making people think about things differently is a great start. If it just stops one person from being nasty to someone then yeah it’s been worth it.

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