Stop with the constant cheating storylines all the time.

Chas on Paddy, Al on Kerry, Mackenzie on Charity and this constant borefest of Will, Harriet and Kim – yawn. Chas and Paddy haven’t even hit the 2 year mark and she is that bored and wanting escapism that she’s gone looking for it with the very man who helped ruin her livelihood. Nate and Naomi have only been together for 5 minutes and he is already sleeping with his ex Tracy who also happens to be engagedd to someone else.

This week alone has enough cheating to put anyone off (Picture: ITV)

Stop with the constant pregnancy storylines.

We’ve gone from Gabby to Amelia to now Chloe. Emmerdale does nothing to promote safe sex and it’s almost a certainty at this point anyone sleeping together will end up pregnant. With Amelia having a crush on Arthur I give it a year and this will no doubt be the next teenage pregancy plot.

Emmerdale does nothing to promote safe sex just constant pregnancy (Picture: ITV)

Please give your stories a better aftermath.

One that comes to mind is Noah and Chloe which imo was poorly written. After Noah went to prison for what seemed like 5 minutes their was no real focus on Chloe and how she was coping or her mental health after what she had been through, no she vanished off our screens. A PTSD storyline would have been a lot more brave to write for a character who has suffered a stalking, harassment and rather than the pregnancy plot she is now playing out less than 6 months on.

Is ED just writing Chloe as a plot device for their male characters? (Picture: ITV)

‘The village will never be the same again’

Well we all know this isn’t likely to be the case as the village suffers catastrophe at am alarming rate. From storms to helicopter crashes this tiny Yorkshire village has seen it all and within a month or 2 everything is back to normal as if nothing happened and buildings tend to get repaired at an incredibly fast rate.

I give it a month and the village will look as it did before (Picture: ITV)

Do better at surprising us!

Viewers are not stupid but having cast constantly snap photos and post to social media when on set isn’t helping us to keep guessing when it’s a massive flashing neon sign of what is to come. Characters like Chloe and Mackenzie etc we aren’t expecting to see die in the coming storm but when they post on set pictures 6 weeks ahead of what we’ll see then the suspense is gone. The whole ‘Who was Mack’s mystery woman’ plot was worked out before it has even happened as they couldn’t keep it off their socials, and again pics from a few days ago showing up their is more to come.

Nobody was guessing Liv as a death and yet you let it get to the papers and what would have actually surprised us got ruined.

Emmerdale gave away their surprise twist when Graham was killed (Picture: ITV)

Stunts are good for a bit of drama but give us something to enjoy long term, please!

It’s quite well known that at the start of the 1990s Emmerdale was going through a bad time and ITV ordered them to do better or face the chop. The idea was drop a plane on the village and that helped ratings figuers soar to 18 million, the highest ever for the show.

There is only so many times you destory or blow something up before it loses the wow factor (Picture: ITV)