The date, October 16 1972, the destination was Beckindale and for viewers it was the very first visit to Emmerdale Farm as the Sugden family said goodbye to one of their own. Fastforward 50 years and Emmerdale has paid homage to the roots of the shows ahead of the big birthday episodes with a photoshoot in the style of the 1970s.

Emmerdale’s Jessie Elland (Chloe Harris), Rosie Bentham (Gabby Thomas), Katie Hill (Sarah Sugden), Daisy Campbell (Amelia Spencer) and Karene Peter (Naomi Walters) glammed up in vintage outfits for the occasion.

Emmerdale has paid homage to the year of Emmerdale’s birth, 1972 (Picture: Mark Bruce/ITV)

Talking about the day, Jessie Elland who plays determined Chloe Harris said:

“I absolutely loved the shoot. It was so great to see everyone all together in the outfits and dance around to some 70s music. All the girls have been doing such an amazing job on screen, so it was great to get to celebrate with them during this shoot!”

Rosie Bentham who plays ambitious Gabby Thomas commented:

“Doing this shoot was so much fun for everyone involved. Choosing the outfits and getting all made up, really got us all excited for the 50th celebrations. There’s so much exciting stuff going on in the anniversary episodes, and it was nice to play around with costume and makeup to feel proper 70s vibes – with some tunes on too! I’m so lucky to be involved in such an exciting, and a huge moment in history, for Emmerdale.”

Emmerdale Farm as it began in October 1972 (Picture: ITV)

Katy Hill who plays Sarah Sugden has had her fair share of drama throughout the years. She adds:

“It’s been great fun being in the show during its 50th anniversary! Not only seeing all the exciting storylines that are going on, but also having the opportunity to do this fun 70s themed photoshoot. We had a great time on the day getting our hair and makeup done 70s style, and the costumes were so cool. It was lots of fun jumping back in time for the day”

While getting to dress up is always fun for one cast member, Daisy Campbell who plays pregnant Amelia Spencer it was a chance to dump the bump.

“I’ve been wearing a pregnancy bump for the last few months so it was great to glam up. It’s such an honour to be a part of Emmerdale’s 50 years. I feel unbelievably lucky. It was such a great day on the shoot especially as I got to share it with these four amazing ladies. It was super cool and the costumes and make-up were unbelievable. Everyone put so much effort into it. I really feel like I was meant to be part of that era!”

Karene Peter burst on to our screens earlier this year as feisty Naomi Walters. She tells us about the day:

“We all had a great time on this shoot. Playing dress up as an adult can’t ever not be fun, really. We got some amazing photos and it’s such an epic time to have joined the show, at such a pinnacle moment in its history!”

Emmerdale will celebrate its 50th birthday with an hour long episode on Sunday 16 October.