As the storm continued to wreak havoc in Emmerdale tonight we have had the first victim revealed tonight after a lightning strike blew up a quad bike killing off fan favorite Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) and almost killing Kim Tate (Claire King).

There was nothing that could be done to save Harriet (Picture: ITV)

Waiting for Kim to come back home an anxious Will was about to go out looking when a windswept, bleeding and bloody Kim came back through the door and in clearly a bad state, recalled how she found Harriet in the woods and that she had died.

It was poor Dan out looking for Amelia who came across the crashed quad bike and with it Harriet. Cue the tears. 😢

Were you born in a barn?
No, but thanks to the mighty Lydia it seems Amelia’s baby won’t be. After finding shelter in a local barn the soap gods decided here it where she must go into labour.

It beats Lisa Dingle giving birth to baby Belle in a pigsty (Picture: ITV)

Then we had Charles and Nic…. sorry so bored I wanted to nod off. A falling tree was the most exciting thing to happen here.

Across the village Liv was pissed at Aaron, and quite rightly so, as he decided to leave the village after witnessing his mother chas with Al. Stuck indoors with Mandy during a storm I wouldn’t be short of comedy moments.

Al and Chas just can’t keep away from each other and both Kerry AND Chas faced injury tonight. Kerry had a tree fall on her while Chas was smacked upside the head by a flying display cart. Chas was outside arguing with Al but Kerry decided the middle of a storm was a sensible time to venture out and go stand up her bin.

Al was the only wooden thing not flying tonight (Picture: ITV)

Vinny lighting candles can’t be a good thing…some strong winds knock one over and bang the whole place could go up….

A quick scene ahead of Rhona going awol told us she was doing Vet stuff and visiting people, knowing Marlon was on his own.

Nate, Sam and Belle went off to help with the cows at Moira’s but the winds were too strong and it blew the gate open. Nate and Sam quite clearly in shock at what was happening. As the cows stampeded down the road the chase was on (Where is Bradley Walsh when you need him?) Nate was almost trampled and Sam took flight by leaping, quite spectacularly, over some hay bales.

Ouch (Picture: ITV)

As the episode drew to a close not everyone was unharmed as Sam was shown to have been pierced by a piece of farm machinery, and was clearly in a bad way.

Emmerdale continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on ITV.

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