Tonight on Emmerdale, as the storm causes havoc across the village, a ‘dangerous and potential life threatening situation’ unfolds adding even more chaos to the situation the locals find themselves in.

Moo it when the cows start stampeding! (Picture: ITV)

When the storm causes a barn at Moira’s farm to collapse the resulting panic causes a herd of cows to stampede in the wind…and straight towards our village residents.

Ahead of the stunt the designer Duncan Howell said ‘A cow stampede has not been done on a soap to this extent. We began with conversations and lots of planning with the farmer. It was really important that this did not cause any harm or stress to these animals.’We put their food on the back of a feed hopper and whizzed that down first so the cows had seen their food go. So when they came out of their pen they ran as a group to get to the food. It was successful. Of course there was a bit of trickery as we used a thing which we called ‘cow cam’. An amazing company called Animated Extras from Shepperton Studios created a cow’s head that could be puppeteered. This will enable the audience to see a cow’s point of view. In the scene it will look as if the cows are running towards the Emmerdale characters as the cows stampede. It worked perfectly’.

With the ‘up to 8 or 9 characters not being around for very long’ it seems there is plenty more drama to come this week.

Watch Emmerdale at 7.30pm on ITV to see the drama unfold.