It was another wild and windy episode of Emmerdale tonight as Amelia was rescued by Lydia who took her to hospital – remember Faith saying last week how the Dingle van was unreliable? Well if it wasn’t for that breaking down Lydia wouldn’t have been in the right place at the right time to find Amliea, how convenient.

We had a totally pointless Naomi and Ethan scene where nothing happened, seriously, nothing happened. They stepped outside with the intention of looking for Charles then promptly turned round and walked back in. #BoredAlready

Random trees came down, a random car flipped over and a bus shelter was destroyed.

Thankfully poor Marlon wasn’t alone for very long when Mary returned. ‘It was like this the night Tricia died’ he remembered. Emmerdale fans will remember Marlon lost his first wife Tricia in a storm during 2004 when the Woolpack fell on her…

Painful memories for Marlon (Picture: ITV)

Al and Chas’ hospital visit was a quick one with her kicking him out.

Not 100% sure where this Kim and Will story is heading but the way Will is calling it Kim might as well have blown up Harriet herself.

It was happy families once again for Liv and co as they continued to shelter from the storm. With Paddy going to see Chas it was babysitting duty time for Liv and Vinny who set off for the Woolpack. Not really sure why Vinny was randomly picking up bits of branches on the way as he struggled to even walk straight. A runaway caravan soon put a stop to things when Liv pushed him out the way and they both ended the episode with it on top of them.

PS: Kim you might wanna get that head wound looked at….

Emmerdale continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on ITV.