Tonight’s Emmerdale episode goodbye to the brilliant actress that is Isobel Steele as Liv died. However I am angry at Emmerdale writing out ANOTHER good character played by a decent actress. We’ve only just lost Faith (Sally Dexter), Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) and now Liv.

I felt genuinely shocked by the news that A, Isobel was leaving and B, they was planning to kill off Liv. Part of me wishes they hadn’t told us and kept the shock but that didn’t take away from her tearful goodbye.

What pisses me off about this is Emmerdale marrying Liv and Vinny earlier was beautiful and they are a lovely couple played by 2 actors that you can feel enjoy sharing time together. However, while the wedding was lovely Emmerdale seemingly didn’t know what to do with them as a couple as they vanished for what seemed like forever, only to reappear around the time they brought back scummy mummy Sandra (or should they be Scamdra). Sandra seemed to determined to try and play out what ED loves to do and have Vinny cheat with Gabby – he’s a decent character and didn’t give in.

A decent couple, wasted by Emmerdale’s lack of knowing what to do with them (Picture: ITV)

In typical Emmerdale fasion couples always end up cheating and end up having babies etc with someone else. Except Vinny and Liv were different they were a couple very much in love and commited to each other – Liv’s Asexuality was weaponised by her scummy mummy to try and get Vinny ‘needs’ dealt with by sleeping with Gabby.

Emmerdale, imo, just couldn’t be bothered to show a happy couple. No sooner had mum gone her brother came back and this caused more drama for her [Aaron thought Liv had murdered Ben last year].

With Aaron about to exit the village again I won’t be surprised if Liv is forgotten about in a few weeks time.

Farewell Isobel, I’ll miss Liv.

A perfect pairing (Picture: ITV)

By Eastieoaks

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