Tissues were needed tonight as Emmerdale lost another character to the storm. The second tragic victim after Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) died on Monday night was Liv Dingle (Isobel Steele), who succumbed to injuries sustained when a caravan toppled over on her last night.

Pushing Vinny (Bradley Johnson) out of the way at the last moment Liv took the full weight of it and when rescue crews tried to free her it became clear there was no getting out this.

Liv was clearly in a bad way and told Aaron and Paddy that she couldn’t feel her legs. Later, Paddy delivered the tragic news to Aaron, Vinny and Mandy that Liv was pinned under the weight of the caravan and it was the only thing keeping her alive, her lower body was crushed underneath it. Vinny was understandably shocked and refused to believe what he was hearing.

Time came to say goodbye and first up was Aaron who reassured Liv she was going to be alright. Liv was glad Aaron had come home and the two of them made peace. ‘You’re here now, aren’t you. That’s what matters.’

Liv was in a bad way (Picture: ITV)

A lot of love for Mandy (Lisa Riley) tonight whose scenes with Vinny were heartbreaking in an already emotional episode. It was also lovely for Paddy and Bear to have a hug – I sometime forget that Bear is Paddy’s dad.

We all could have done with this tonight (Picture: ITV)

Then came time for Vinny to say goodbye and watching this was incredibly hard without pausing to cry, a LOT. We’ve been robbed of so much with these 2 I am bitter. Vinny said “Pets are just the beginning”. I wish we could have had more time with these 2 raising animals and being a genuinely decent ED couple, unlike some I could mention.

‘I didn’t think anyone could make me so happy’…and with that Liv passed away.

It was the end for Liv (Picture: ITV)