Faith, Harriet and then Liv died with each death being more harrowing than the previous one. ‘Storm Week’ aka Emmerdale’s 50th anniversary month has so far seen off 3 of it’s biggest characters. We barely had time to let the tears dry from Faith’s death when BAM a quad bike fell on top of Vicar/Police Officer Harriet Finch…and just when it look like Harriet might actually get lucky and survive BANG said quad bike got hit by lightning and killed her instantly – unlucky or did the powers that be really want to make her go out with a bang?

It’s a shame Harriet died so early into the big week as I’d have liked more a Kim and Harriet showdown after Harriet turned bad girl and grabbed Kim by the throat, kudos Harriet I didn’t think even you had that in you.

Emmerdale fans are not stupid, they see everything. So while we were looking at trees crashing down and cars overturning in the foreground it was a nice normal day in the background as nothing moved, oops.

The last male character to die in Emmerdale was off-screen in February and that was Pierce, so hardly a major character loss. Over the last couple of years Emmerdale has had at least 5 female deaths with 2 murdered, 2 crushed and 1 who took an overdose. The calls are on social media and in the press about scaling back stunt weeks is hardly a lot when the deaths are often to brutal.

We also said goodbye to Liv Dingle this week as Isobel Steele bowed out in equally gruesome style – at least Liv was given the chance to say a goodbye. Emmerdale sure did enjoy dropping things on it’s characters this week and decided to kill off Liv by dropping a caravan on her.

Another thing Emmerdale loves to do is drop foreshadowing hints of things to come ‘The thing’s a flaming death trap’ was only mentioned last week.

While soaps thrive on drama to carry the stories forward and keep us watching the ‘storm’ added nothing to this as Liv’s death was impactful, emotional and traumatising without it.

And now with Priya actress Fiona Wade reported to be leaving it remains to be seen if Priya will get a happy ending or will Emmerdale kill off ANOTHER female character?