• Monday – Anna Clements
  • Tuesday – Peter Kerry
  • Wednesday – Jo Summerscales
  • Thursday – Bill Taylor
  • Friday – Adam Sales


  • Monday – Miguel Guerreiro
  • Tuesday – Miguel Guerreiro
  • Wednesday – Miguel Guerreiro
  • Thursday – Vicky Thomas
  • Friday – Vicky Thomas

Monday 24 October

Chas worries Aaron will spill her secret affair.

Bernice organises a group to deal with the storm damage village clear up. But her deputy Bob quickly feels put upon.

Samson is found but is it already too late?

Tuesday 25 October

After being urged by Paddy to hash things out with Chas, Aaron reluctantly agrees. When Aaron accuses her of still being with Al, Chas vehemently denies and emotionally blackmails Aaron into backing down. And soon Chas is relieved when she successfully edges Aaron towards deciding to leave the village. Chas covers when Paddy expresses sadness at the news Aaron will be departing. But with everything not stacking up, Paddy starts to worry…

Meanwhile, two timing Al does his best to slow down Kerry’s desire to move forwards with their wedding plans. And secretly assures Chas they’ll run away together soon.

Bob’s resentment towards a bossy Bernice builds as the village clear up continues. Bernice is thriving ruling the operation.

Wednesday 26 October

Can Bob knock Bernice off her perch?

The clear up after the storm continues.

Secrets abound.

Thursday 27 October

Alone and secretly pregnant Chloe is feeling out on a limb. Meanwhile, Mackenzie is terrified his secret fling is going to come tumbling out when he sees Chloe and Charity talking. Kerry is left frustrated by Chloe’s insistence on holding Mackenzie responsible for his actions i.e. dumping her after a one night stand, unaware Chloe is pregnant. Before long Kerry’s left feeling bereft when Chloe decides to move away to Leeds.

Chas resolves to leave town with Al later today.

David returns to the village after the storm. Bernice reminds him he needs to start attracting customers again. David worries about his business setback. Bernice proposes an idea to help the village pull together.

Leyla’s evasive when Victoria asks if she’ll be seeing Liam.

Friday 28 October

A sad day in the village.

Kerry desperately tries to get Chloe to stay.

The scales fall from someone’s eyes.

Emmerdale airs from Monday October 24 on ITV.

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