Monday 31st October 2022

FIZ AND TYRONE ARE HUNTING FOR A MOLE At No.9, Tyrone shows Fiz the first extract from the John Stape book in the Gazette. Fiz’s heart sinks and she quickly hides the paper from Hope. Fiz suggests to Tyrone they call the journalist who worked on the book with Phill and set up a meeting with him. But is the culprit closer to home?

SEAN IS OBLIVIOUS TO LAURENCE’S SECRET As Sean, Laurance and Dylan ready themselves for their evening out, Sean asks Todd to take a picture of them on Laurence’s phone. As Todd does so, a photo pops up on the phone which shocks Todd. Will he say anything?


SUMMER ADMITS SHE IS STILL PREGNANT Aaron asserts that his Dad needs to go into rehab but it costs £10k so it’s impossible. Summer meets up with Mike and Esther at a private hospital and agrees to let them adopt her baby. After attending Summer’s scan, Mike assures Summer that they’ll provide her with all the emotional and financial support she needs. Summer announces that she needs £10k up front. Summer meets up with Aaron and drops the bombshell that she’s still pregnant, she’s giving the baby to Mike and Esther and in return they’ve given her £10k meaning his Dad can go into rehab, how will he react?

TYRONE LASHES OUT Fiz and Tyrone read the second instalment of the book in the Gazette with horror. Fiz and Tyrone meet up with Adam to discuss a plan of action, but they’re interrupted by a call from Hope’s teacher to tell them Hope’s gone missing. Fiz finds Hope and Sam in Victoria Garden. Sam explains that Hope was upset about the nasty things her classmates were saying. Nick reveals that he’d appreciate it if Hope stayed away from Sam. Adam tells Fiz that he’s put a halt to any further articles in the Gazette, but that it might not be possible to stop the publication of the book itself. Tyrone returns home to find Fiz in tears and Fiz tells him how Nick has banned Sam from seeing Hope. Tyrone calls at Nick and Leanne’s flat. Nick opens the door and Tyrone punches him hard. Nick orders Sam to hand over his walkie talkie telling him he’s to have no further contact with Hope. Leanne calls at No.9 and tears a strip off Tyrone for punching Nick. Fiz turns on Tyrone and points out that his irrational behavior has cost Hope her friendship with Sam.

ELSEWHERE Arnie tells Daniel that the roof is worse than he thought and they’ll need scaffolding up the back of the house too. Ed rails at Tracy and Daniel for making his life hell with their scaffolding and portaloo. In the Rovers, Laurence catches Sean trying to crack the code on his phone. Snatching his phone back, Laurence marches out leaving Sean red faced.


BILLY STAGES AN INTERVENTION FOR SUMMER Summer seeks Dr Gaddas’s advice over her morning sickness. Summer returns home and overcome by a wave of nausea, throws up in the sink. Billy’s convinced Summer’s eating disorder is back with a vengeance. Summer returns home to find Billy, Todd and Paul waiting for her, will Summer tell them the truth? Summer and Aaron return home and tell Billy that they’re moving into the builder’s yard flat with Amy and Jacob.

TYRONE’S PUNCH HITS HOPE THE HARDEST In the school corridor, Sam tells Hope how Tyrone punched Nick. Adam tells Fiz and Tyrone there’s a chance they might be able to take out a privacy injunction against the journalist who duped Hope into giving information. Hope reveals that she knows all about Tyrone punching Nick and Sam’s not the golden boy he makes out. Fiz breaks the news to Nick that, according to Hope, Sam’s still writing letters to Harvey. Nick tears a strip off Sam for lying to him.

TRACY TAKES CONTROL Amy and Jacob move into No.1, but Amy’s put out to find Daniel and Daisy have taken over her old room and she and Jacob are on a blow-up bed. Tracy orders Daniel to get the loo fixed and the portaloo taken away before Amy decides to move out again. Tracy watches with relief as the portaloo is loaded onto a truck and taken away. However Arnie refuses to fix the toilet unless they pay him cash up front. In the Rovers, Daniel tries to reason with Arnie but with no success. Adam warns him that Tracy isn’t to be messed with as she was once convicted of murder, have Adam’s words of warning saved the day? Amy and Jacob tell Tracy there’s something she needs to know.

ELSEWHERE At No.11, Glenda advises Sean that if he wants to win Laurence back, he needs to make a grand gesture by turning up at his surgery with flowers. After a wasted trip to the surgery, Sean returns home to find Glenda, her face red and blotchy having given herself a facial with Mary’s ultra wand.

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