Alan Halsall has played Tyrone for over 20 years and while he might usually be mild-mannered our loveable Ty see red next week and whack Nick.

Coronation Street catches up with Alan to talk the latest drama in Tyrone’s life.

What’s going through Tyrone’s mind when Fiz and Tyrone read the first extract from The Gazette?
After feeling like he has just got through everything that Fiz and Tyrone have been through in the last year, Tyrone thinks, “Oh no, not another thing to deal with! Why do we have to deal with this again when it’s been years since John Stape?” Both Fiz and Tyrone are really upset that this situation is rearing its ugly head and puts them in a position where they are going to have to speak to Hope about John Stape before they have wanted to. Tyrone is also really upset about it because he feels like it’s out of his control.

What is Tyrone’s biggest fear about the book being published?

For Tyrone, it’s the fear of the unknown that is driving his actions throughout this week. He doesn’t know how Hope is going to react to all this, he doesn’t know if this is going to interfere with his and Fiz’s relationship, especially since they have worked so hard to get their relationship back on track after his own mistake with Alina. He doesn’t know how this is going to disrupt their family life. Tyrone feels like he’s only just settled back in with Fiz and the kids and he doesn’t want anything to ruin this moment so it’s the fear of the unknown and he is scared of what might happen next.

Tell us what happens when Tyrone calls in at Nick’s flat

Tyrone is scared of how this situation is unravelling and he is unsure on what to do and how to behave. He is now having to deal with solicitors and press clippings and book publishers and it’s way out of his comfort zone and he doesn’t know how he can help. When he hears that Sam has been told to stay away from Hope, he knows that Sam is Hope’s only friend so Tyrone loses his rag and he feels like the only way he can help is by lashing out to show that he does care. It’s his way of trying to do something, anything, but as we know that is the complete wrong way for Tyrone to go about it.

Tyrone is not a violent man, what pushes him to his limit to punch Nick?

No Tyrone isn’t a violent man and he mentions this throughout. He has been on the wrong end of violence too often throughout his life so it’s a real frustration that he is feeling. It’s the lack of knowing what to do in these situations that makes him lash out and he is frustrated with himself for not knowing the best way to go.  

How does he feel when Fiz then turns on him when he was only trying to defend his family?

Tyrone feels a massive disappointment in himself. He just wants to do something to help and he doesn’t quite know how to do it then he realises how badly he has messed up when Fiz tells him that he has gone about it in all the wrong ways. Deep down he probably knows himself that it was the wrong thing to do but he is so disappointed when Fiz tells him that too.

Do you think that this book could threaten Tyrone and Fiz’s new settled family life?
Fiz and Tyrone are definitely rekindled, it’s just that Tyrone has got a real fear of upsetting Fiz now and he doesn’t want to be doing that, he is trying to help the situation. He also just wants to show Hope that he is a good dad.

Are you glad that even though Fiz and Tyrone have happily gotten back together they are still having their problems?

In all honesty, we live in this world where we think that everyone’s lives are perfect because of what we see on social media so I think it is quite nice to show the other side of that. There is a long history and a lot of love between Fiz and Tyrone but of course, every family has their issues, whether that be big issues like books being published or menial things throughout the day. Every family has their problems so I think it is great that we see that but also that we see the strength that Tyrone and Fiz have, getting back together after such hard times.

What did you think when first heard that John Stape was going to come back into their lives?
Well obviously I was thinking, “John Stape is dead!” We didn’t quite know how it was going to work out at the time but this is the great thing about this show, there is so much history in terms of characters and storylines. The fact that the show can come back to these moments and it can impact Fiz and Tyrone’s lives again 11 years later, is an incredible part of what makes Coronation Street so great.

You’ve worked with some of Corrie’s finest, past and present.
You’re absolutely right, I do feel like I have been super lucky throughout my time here. I was put with Bill Tarmey and Liz Dawn originally who I still idolise to this day and now I get to work most days with Jennie McAlpine who is an absolute dream. I work with Michael Le Vell in the garage who I love working with but I must admit that since Maureen Lipman’s come along a couple of years ago, we have a great laugh! She is an unbelievable professional, she will be emailing me at half past 10 at night with line tweaks and amendments. She is a joy to work with and she is always coming up with different ideas. When she is coming up with those ideas it is because we get on so well. She has a wicked sense of humour. 

Alan has worked with some of the most iconic Corrie cast from Bill Tarmey and Liz Dawn to Michael Le Vell and Maureen Lipman (Picture: ITV)

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