When Felix overhears Warren demanding more responsibilities from Norma, he decides enough is enough and urges him to stay away from his criminal mum, but a shocking confession from Warren stops him in his tracks…

It’s the day of the charity duathlon and a daunting update about her health leaves Nancy worried about competing, but will it stop her from competing?

It’s business as normal for Norma as she enlists a familiar dirty politician to do some digging for her.

When Nancy receives an impressive surge in donations, Olivia is willing to do anything to come out on top.

Later, there’s a shocking accident at the Duathlon as one of the villagers decides to play dirty and sabotage one of the bikes…


When a shocking ‘accident’ lands a dead body on Ste’s doorstep, he desperately asks Sienna to help in the way they know best.

There’s an abuse of power at Hollyoaks High as Olivia decides to use Charlie for her vendetta against Nancy, but when the teen isn’t convinced, Olivia resorts to extreme measures to recruit her helper…

Elsewhere, there’s some shocking news for Felix as Warren makes a confession about his health.


An update in Nadira’s life leaves her wanting to make the next step with Juliet by moving in together, but are the two women on the same page?

Theresa gets an eyeful when Prince walks in naked whilst her and Romeo chat about selling their merchandise.


There’s excitement in the air as Peri’s daughter returns to the village, but things take an awkward turn as she struggles to adjust to Juliet being with someone new. Later, she has some brutal honesty for Nadira.

Later, Nadira takes another hit as Juliet rallies her friends into hanging out with them as a couple and Brooke innocently suggests Juliet is trying so hard because they’re having problems behind closed doors…

Meanwhile, Peri makes a tearful admission to Leela about her feelings for Juliet…

When Donna-Marie reveals exciting plans to put on a firework display to promote the gym, Leela suggests they ask Peri and Juliet for help organising it, but is she up to something?

After catching Peri and Juliet joking with one another, Nadira decides to mark her territory with some PDA. Later, Peri gets a scalding injury when Nadira lights a sparkler and burns Peri with it as she passes it back, but was it really just an accident?


A furious Leela is set on confronting Nadira about burning Peri and offers her an ultimatum before things get worse. Later, a concerned Juliet also demands the truth, but will she like what she hears?

Whilst an impressive firework display wows the Hollyoaks village, Nadira decides to organise a romantic dinner for her and Juliet. Elsewhere, Juliet makes a risky move….

Meanwhile, Nancy struggles to stay strong as she worries for the safety of Hollyoaks’ women and children. Later, Darren finds a heart-warming way to remind her of her strength.

Hollyoaks airs Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4, and at 7pm on E4.