Monday 14 November

Moira is agitated during her visit with Cain at the prison. Worried Cain’s taken aback when Moira admits she’s not cut out for this and that Amy’s got it right by running away. Cain’s annoyed but Moira remains firm on wanting to leave with Isaac. Back at Butlers, Moira is about to tell Matty the truth when he announces Amy’s been in touch to say she’s in Belfast with Kyle. Moira is full of guilt as she glances at Mackenzie. Later, Mackenzie hides his sadness when he realises Moira is leaving for Belfast with Issac and he promises to look out for Matty.

Chas is thrown when Kerry reveals Al’s funeral is tomorrow and asks if she’ll consider accompanying her.

Nicola is touched by Naomi’s sincerity and gains a new sense of closure.

Tuesday 15 November

Matty and Nate are baffled when they learn that Moira has supposedly left for Scotland. In the prison visitors room, Cain is furious that Mackenzie knows about Kyle and that Moira has left with Issac to Belfast. As guards look over, Mackenzie braces for the fall out from distressed Cain’s upset. Mackenzie is trying to calm Cain down, but he is struggling with Moira’s departure and if she will return. Both men sense it seems unlikely.

Kerry is understanding when Chas explains she needs to attend Liv’s send off instead of Al’s funeral. As Vinny shakily opens Liv’s urn, ready to let her go, Chas is wracked with grief as she pushes Paddy away, deciding to leave as she becomes a sobbing mess. At the Woolpack, Chas is distracted when Chloe, Dawn and Billy return from Al’s funeral. Chas tries to cover her emotions but is thrown to hear there was a poor turnout. Outside Keepers, Kerry breaks down in front of Chas. Chas is awash with the same grief and slips the order of service into her coat as she leaves. Back at home, Paddy is thrown as Chas lets out her upset and rage after secretly reading Al’s order of service. Confiding in Lydia, Paddy is starting to question if there’s more to Chas’ escalating grief.

Vinny is not ready to say goodbye to Liv; but Chip has other ideas resulting in Liv’s ashes being tipped all over Vinny. Vinny is on the ground roaring with tearful laughter.

Wednesday 16 November

Worn out Amelia is starting to doubt her abilities as a mum but Dan reassures her that things will get better. Amelia is not convinced. With Amelia struggling for a babysitter, Lydia has a solution. At the Dingles Homestead, Lydia piles baby Esther onto Samson. Samson is fuming at being left holding the baby. Later on, Amelia is stunned when Samson suggests putting baby Esther up for adoption. Samson cruelly reminds Amelia of her abortion plans and is annoyed when his scheming backfires. Completely upset, Amelia confirms she knows what’s best for Esther and that’s family. At Jacobs Fold, Noah reassures Amelia that she’s a great mum. When he tells Amelia that he’s set up a cot in his room for the baby, Amelia is touched by Noah’s sweet gesture. After a heated confrontation with Noah at the Dingles Homestead, Samson is determined to do something major. Calling social services he sinks to a new low, pleading with them to take Esther into care.

Thursday 17 November

Gutted to learn what Samson has done, Sam pours his heart out, rationalising the sacrifice he made to make up for Alice’s death. Samson delivers a low blow, stating he doesn’t want to be anything like his dad. This is all too much for Sam as he collapses to the ground.

Friday 18 November

Chas encourages Kerry, Sam has a tough decision to make, and has David made a bad choice?

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