Monday 14 November

Moira is agitated during her visit with Cain at the prison. Worried Cain’s taken aback when Moira admits she’s not cut out for this and that Amy’s got it right by running away. Cain’s annoyed but Moira remains firm on wanting to leave with Isaac. Back at Butlers, Moira is about to tell Matty the truth when he announces Amy’s been in touch to say she’s in Belfast with Kyle. Moira is full of guilt as she glances at Mackenzie. Later, Mackenzie hides his sadness when he realises Moira is leaving for Belfast with Issac and he promises to look out for Matty.

Chas is thrown when Kerry reveals Al’s funeral is tomorrow and asks if she’ll consider accompanying her.

Nicola is touched by Naomi’s sincerity and gains a new sense of closure.

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