If kids really take after their parents then Hope State (Isabella Flanagan) certainly isn’t following her mum, Fiz’s (Jennie McAlpine) footsteps. Young Hope appears to have inherited her father (John)’s appetite for the deranged.

Not content with being a fire-starter that injured Alina it appears Hope is about to get even worse.

Hope lets Sam (Jude Riordan) know just how much she has in common with her dad after finding a stash of books about him in the outhouse and decided to cash in by signing autographs for £1 a time. Ever the entrepreneur she also annouced a book reading – Alan Sugar eat your heart out!

Next week when Tyrone (Alan Halsall) finds the books are missing Hope makes out she threw them in a bin. However, the truth is revealed when she informs Sam that she sold them (that’s one way to make a killing). Joining a group chat ‘Legacy Of Evil’ Hope lets her classmates know that tomorrow she’s planning a special tribute to John Stape.

Taking a lesson from the book of Stape, Hope grabs a hammer from Tyrone’s toolbox and hides her ill gotten cash in a cupboard. Trouble brews when Beth (Lisa George) starts reading from the book and shows Sally (Sally Dynevor) the chapter depicting his affair with Rosie. Fiz finds out and is understandably furious – this leads to an almighty row.

In the school corridor, Hope approaches a couple of year 11 girls and tells them that she’ll be giving a reading from the John Stape book later. It’s when Fiz and Tyrone discover the hammer is missing and the cash they are left are deeply concerned.

When Hope overhears the two year 11 girls calling her a nut job, she pulls the hammer from her bag, and heads towards them. How far will Hope go?

Coronation Street airs these scenes from Wednesday November 23 on ITV.