Sunday 25th December 2022

Cain has a visitor in prison. Cain and Caleb eye each other without saying a word. They finally engage in an exchange of words in which Caleb reveals that he’s surprised that Faith, their mother, has recently died when Cain told him that Faith died 30 years ago. Caleb confronts Cain as to why he lied to him about Faith’s death and how Cain took away his choice to get to know his family. Cain tells Caleb to stay away from his family.

Chas drops off some Christmas presents for the Dingles as well as a small birthday present for Belle. She’s left feeling sad and alone when Belle and Mandy’s hostility towards her causes an atmosphere. When Chas goes to find solace in the closed and empty Woolpack, she’s mortified to find Paddy and Eve with Marlon’s family in full Christmas swing. She and Paddy have to continue their ceasefire out of consideration for their daughter. Marlon’s emotions run high when he thanks everyone who’s been there for him on his recovery journey. But the awkward atmosphere is too much for Chas who quietly leaves with her mother’s firework in tow and visits her daughter’s grave. She reads out the card given to her by Faith. Missing both her mother and daughter, Chas stays strong as a stranger approaches with some bombshell news just as Faith’s firework takes off leaving Chas stunned.

On Christmas day Liam starts his first visit of the day over at the Dingles. Knowing that he has two more trips to make, Liam tries to turn down a plate of food but has no luck. Already stuffed from the food at the Dingles, Liam arrives at Holdgate for his second visit of the day and is stunned to see a table with piles and piles of food. Hauling himself down the street after eating and drinking too much at Rishi’s, Bernice tells him they’ve saved him some food. She takes a tea towel off a plate piled high with Christmas food; Liam knows what he has to do.

Meanwhile, with the noise of the party trickling in, Leyla closes the door behind her in Tug Ghyll and eats a tragic Christmas meal for one. Over at Brook Cottage, Liam and Bernice share a charged moment which ends in a kiss. But has he bitten off more than he can chew? 

There’s good cheer all around at the Andersons’. Ethan takes the PA church system and puts it in the street along with a basic set of disco lights and a street party begins. 

Emmerdale airs at 6pm on ITV1

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