Friday 23rd December 2022

In his prison cell, a prison officer hands Cain some letters. Once the prison officer is out of sight, Cain stares at the letter for a moment then rips it up. Meanwhile, at Butlers, Isaac and Kyle receive two Christmas presents from an unknown person. Moira’s curious to know who sent the presents and visits Cain in prison in order to find out where the mysterious presents came from. Cain hides his concern. Moira informs Cain she’s left Faith’s Christmas card to him with the guard. Later, as the guard enters Cain’s cell, he hands Cain Faith’s letter. Cain ignores it, not ready for its contents. Cain asks for a phone call but he’s left on edge when the guard tells him he’ll see what he can do. At home, Moira watches Kyle play, daring to hope they can have a relatively normal Christmas. In the prison corridor, Cain is on the phone to a mysterious person. The prison officer looks over at Cain who lowers his voice. Hearing the refusal from the person on the phone, Cain slams down the phone.

Jimmy invites Liam to spend Christmas with him and Nicola given he will be spending it alone. While Leyla hides she will be alone this Christmas. Rishi also invites Liam to spend Christmas and Liam wonders if he’s bitten off more than he can chew. 

Manpreet’s determined to make this a Christmas to remember.

Emmerdale airs at 7:30pm on ITV1