A frantic Justin gets news that Leah has been taken to hospital after being drugged and held hostage. Sharing the news, Nikau is incredulous to learn that Heather is responsible. When John cannot fathom why Heather is targeting Marilyn and her friends, Nikau drops a bomb shell – Heather is Marilyn’s daughter. A guilt-stricken Nikau can’t believe he was deceived by Heather. Heartbroken and worried, John is shocked that he never knew Marilyn had a daughter.

A panicked Roo clings to Alf as he is processed at the hospital, barely able to breathe through his oxygen mask. Irene & Leah bring some much-needed support to a despondent Roo. The trio are concerned – nobody has heard word of Marilyn. Is she okay?

After Ziggy’s casual remark about wanting him in the delivery room, Dean is anxious. Can he handle being present for the birth? Dean worries he’ll feel helpless while Ziggy is in agony. Seeking out unlikely advice, Dean invites John for a beer. Tickled by Dean’s apprehension, John instructs Dean to let Ziggy make the decisions. After all, she will be the one suffering. It’s her choice.

Justin is flooded with relief to be reunited with an unharmed Leah. A regretful Leah mulls over what she could have done to prevent Heather’s attack. Irene assures Leah that nobody could have guessed Heather was capable of such an act.

As Heather is wheeled unconscious into an ambulance, Marilyn is in a state of utter shock. Apprehensive about Marilyn’s state of mind, Rose proposes to take Marilyn to the hospital. A distraught Roo attacks an unconscious Heather as she’s brought into the hospital. As Roo is pushed aside by medical staff, a shell-shocked Marilyn stumbles in the hospital doors, to Irene & Roo’s relief. Pulling her into a supportive hug, Marilyn breaks down in ragged sobs.

Feeling responsible for defending Heather, Nikau shows up at the police station, despondent. Confessing that he gave a false alibi for Heather, Nikau is forgiven by a compassionate Cash. Seeking out Marilyn, Nikau apologises for being blind to Heather’s motives.

Rose clocks that Cash has turned a corner in policing. The kind, community cop that she knew before the bikie shooting has returned – and she’s glad to see it.

Clinging to Heather’s bedside, Marilyn is sick with shame and regret. When Heather awakes, Marilyn tearfully explains that she cannot be a part of her life anymore, as Heather needs serious help. Heartbroken, a damaged Heather taunts Marilyn for abandoning her a second time. But Marilyn is resolved: after endangering her friends, Marilyn cannot allow Heather into her life.

Alf is given medical clearance, much to everyone’s relief. A humble Marilyn begs for Alf & Roo’s forgiveness. They insist that Marilyn will always be family – they just wish she’d been honest sooner so they could support her. The tearful trio are reunited after a harrowing ordeal.

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