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Home and Away spoilers and pictures: Wednesday 4 January 2023


Reeling from the discovery that Bree is being abused by her husband, Remi is downcast. To make matters worse, Eden refuses to speak to him after Remi disclosed her true feelings to Cash. The stormy tension between friends threatens to disrupt Lyrik’s plan to shoot a music video at the Lighthouse. How can they get Remi & Eden to play nice for the camera?

Busking outside the surf club, Remi is rattled to see the source of his torment: Jacob, Bree’s husband, watching him. A sinister Jacob throws a coin in Remi’s guitar case with a taunt – don’t quit your day job. A fuming Remi bites his tongue, wanting to throttle the man for what he’s done to Bree.

Realising there is a serious rift between Remi & Eden, Kirby tries to intervene. A vulnerable Eden admits that the problem isn’t Remi – it’s Cash, and her intense feelings for him. Kirby understands that for Eden, feelings are a big deal. It’s not her usual style. Cash has clearly gotten under her skin.

Alf gives a devastated Marilyn his forgiveness, restoring peace to the family after Heather’s hostage disaster. Roo & Marilyn have a heartfelt debrief on the pain of giving up a child. Roo understands, she has experienced the same thing. But Marilyn highlights the point of difference – she didn’t want to give Heather up, she was forced into it.

In the wake of her forced admission about Heather, Marilyn fears that her friends see her differently. Feeling trapped by judgement, Marilyn leaves Summer Bay without saying goodbye, leaving only a note in her wake for Roo and Alf.

Lyrik’s music video shoot is ready to roll, but Theo hesitates at the last moment, realising he’s never done lip syncing before. Can he pull it off, or will his nerves sabotage the music video? Eden & Remi are doing their best to feign good relations for the camera, but it’s not convincing anyone. As Remi’s tension boils over, he admits the truth to Eden about Jacob abusing Bree. Sympathetic, Eden puts her issues aside to support her best friend. Resolved, the band nail their music video shoot.

As Remi & Eden prepare to debrief over a pizza, they cross with an antagonistic Jacob who seems on a mission to stir up Remi. Protective, Eden snaps at Jacob to back off, hinting that she knows what Jacob is capable of. Alarmed, Remi drags Eden away – this could spell trouble for Bree.

Home and Away airs on Channel 5 at 1:35pm

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