There’s champagne popping as celebrations are in order – for Ziggy & Dean’s pregnancy and Felicity & Tane’s engagement. But Felicity’s stomach is turning at every mention of the wedding, plagued by doubts. Mackenzie pulls Felicity aside, advising her to come clean to Tane about her reservations. But Felicity is determined to keep a lid on her feelings. When Tane pushes to set a date for the wedding, Felicity squirms to avoid an answer. Twigging that something is up, Tane presses Mackenzie for details. Why is Felicity acting cagey? Loyal to her friend, Mackenzie is reluctant to fill Tane in.

Heeding Bree’s advice to get prepared for the baby, Ziggy & Dean watch a gruesome video of childbirth. Horrified by what they see, the parents-to-be are suddenly fearful for what they’ve signed up for. Are they ready for this? A hesitant Ziggy reconsiders having Dean in the delivery room, wanting to shield Dean from seeing her in such agony. An adamant Dean confirms they are in this together, gory or not. A timid Ziggy wonders whether Dean will still be attracted to her after witnessing childbirth. A reassuring Dean insists he’ll find Ziggy hot when they’re 80 years old.

Dressed up for a night out, Bree puts on her best smile for Jacob but quickly realises it’s futile. Jacob is stewing after his confrontation with Remi & Eden. Fear sinks in for Bree – will Jacob take out his rage on her?

Eden tries to wrap her head around Bree’s decision to stay with a violent husband. Remi is torn – not wanting to overstep, but desperate to protect Bree. How can he manage this?

The next day an infuriated Bree shows up on Remi’s doorstep warning him to stay out of her life. When Bree winces in pain, Remi realises that Jacob has wounded her again. Anguished, Remi wonders how he can stand by and do nothing in the face of abuse. Out for a walk, Remi witnesses Bree & Jacob out for lunch, the picture of marital bliss. Remi is affronted at the sight – how can they look so happy when it’s so toxic?

Resolved to act, Remi lays his cards on the table for Bree: if she ever needs help without judgement, he is here for her. Anytime. Holding herself together, Bree is secretly relieved to have support.

Feeling trapped under wedding pressure, Felicity offers the olive branch to Eden, eager to have her friend back. Relieved to be forgiven for secretly sleeping with Cash, Eden is on the mend. She may have lost Cash, but she’s kept Felicity – there’s a silver lining, after all.

Felicity’s act is put to an abrupt halt by Tane – why is she avoiding talk of the wedding? Felicity is cornered, seeing Tane is hurting but needing to be truthful. What will she tell Tane?

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