This post contains spoilers from tonight’s episode!

Leyla, stressed as usual, brought drugs again only for Jacob to turn up at the house and catch her with them. Convinced that she had already taken them Jacob forced Leyla to reveal her source and after searching the bedroom he found nothing, so locked her in the room to go ‘cold turkey’.

Texting Callum under the guise of being Leyla he arranged a meeting under the viaduct of doom and took off, not before he pocketed a knife.

Attemping to get Callum to back off from Leyla didn’t work so Jacob pulled out the knife and taunted him with him, his carotid would bleed out in 15 seconds if he knicked him, how lovely.

A fight ensured with Callum getting the upper hand and stabbing him before speeding off and leaving a panicked Jacob bleeding.

Will Jacob be found in time? Emmerdale continues on ITV1 tomorrow 7:30pm