Trouble came calling when Jacob, armed with a knife, went after Leyla’s drug dealer Callum and tried to get him to back off. However, things took a nasty turn when a fight ended with Jacob being stabbed.

Coming up, Jacob’s in hospital but worried when David urges him to lie to the police about the stabbing. Jacob’s conflicted but commits to the lie when the police question him.

Meanwhile, David frets about Jacob’s future. David’s stunned by an offer to buy the shop has come from Pollard. Despite feeling guilty about Pollard’s retirement plans now being put on hold, David’s massively relieved he’ll be able to keep his home and business.

The next day, Leyla probes David for an update on what Jacob has told the police about the stabbing David won’t say and he restates his demand for Leyla to stay away from their son. Will she agree?

Emmerdale airs these scenes from Monday January 9 on ITV1