This week in Shieldinch…as a storm approaches, Lou’s hidden past is triggered by DCI Brooke Shaw; a suspicious Bob confronts Roisin and Tommy about their friendship; and Lydia and Andrew grow close as they take shelter from the elements.

With a storm warning looming large, the locals prepare to take cover. Caitlin spots an opportunity to bring everyone together, offering shelter and entertainment at the Tall Ship. Sonny persuades Lou to join him at the pub and get away from Amber’s obsession with council campaigning.

At the pub, Lou gets talking to Brooke Shaw who reveals she became a police officer after the death of her sister. As the pair open up, Lou is startled when Brooke’s family history stirs up hidden memories. As the pub is plunged into darkness by the storm, Brooke’s openness triggers a panic attack in Lou.

Tommy is caught up in the storm (Picture: BBC Scotland/Alan Peebles)

Later, with the storm taking hold outside, Lydia and Andrew grow close in the sanctuary of her flat, leading to a kiss. However, guilt quickly creeps into Lydia’s head and she questions whether it’s a good idea to become more than friends. Andrew dismisses her concerns and continues to kiss Lydia, against her wishes.

As things spiral out of control, Lydia is left traumatised by Andrew’s actions. Later, as reality dawns on him, Andrew scrambles to find an alibi.

Elsewhere, Bob demands to know what’s going on between Roisin and Tommy. They insist nothing has happened but admit they came close to kissing. Stunned by the confession, Bob realises they have feelings for each other.

Keen to give Roisin and Bob time alone, Tommy leaves the flat, stepping into the storm outside. A worried Roisin goes after Tommy who urges her to return to Bob. However, there’s more drama in store for Tommy as the storm rages.

In the aftermath of the power cut, a shaken Lou is comforted by Maggie. Lou reveals she has a hidden connection to Brooke’s dead sister. When a worried Brooke appears, Lou downplays her panic attack, determined to keep the past secret.

River City airs on Monday and Wednesday, 10pm on BBC Scotland

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