If there was a way to introduce a new character then throwing them into a story of a bomb explosion is certainly a way to go. Meet Dr Nina Bulsara (Wendi Peters) who joins the group next week in an episode that sees members of the team fighting for their life.

Darkness. Flashing lights. Shifting Rubble. Then suddenly loud sirens and voices in panic. Daniel calls out for Zara, Al for his Mum, Emma for Jimmi…

A flashback shows us George (John McAndrew) in a hotel room sitting nervously on the bed before grabbing his briefcase and heading out. Meanwhile, Daniel and Zara already midway through an argument arrive at the hotel. Al and Jimmi are already there but Emma is late.

When George arrives he swipes a name badge, checking in under the name ‘Al Haskey’ and it doesn’t go unnoticed when Al finds his name badge is missing, and reveals he is also Al Haskey.

Nina bumps into Zara, quite literally, and spills coffee over her. However, Zara is wowed by the amount of useful junk Nina keeps in her handbag.

Daniel and Jimmi take a seat, until Daniel realises he left some notes in the car and heads out.

Vincent (Jake Sharp) runs with the joke and announces that he is ‘Al Haskey’ but neither George or Al find it very funny and even less so when George announces that he has a bomb. George warns everyone to stay quiet and takes their phones. Al lies and says he left his in the car, surreptitiously texting Emma.

Emma is on her way inside when she gets the message, she thinks Al is joking but it soon becomes clear that he’s being serious and calls 999.

George is getting agitated and then his phone suddenly rings – the same phone which he had told them was also the trigger.

As Daniel runs out of the hotel he sees Emma running in and BANG.. they are blown off their feet…..

Doctors airs this episode on Wednesday February 8, 1:45pm on BBC One

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