Doctors: S23E86 – The Trials of Jan Fisher – Part Two
Friday 30 September 2022
BBC One: 14:15

Emma has to persuade Jan that she is worthy of an appeal. Caroline warns Emma that without new evidence Jan will have no course for appeal. Emma throws her mind back to when Lynn took the stand and is sure she thought she hesitated when she was asked if Mark had ever abused her. Emma is like a dog with a bone and decides to talk to Lynn herself – she turns up at the café Lynn is now working at. What Emma finds is Lynn with a badly covered up bruise to her face. It is apparent to Emma that Lynn has fallen into a patten of accepting abuse is a part of any relationship and, upon careful questioning, Emma gets Lynn to realise that Mark’s behaviour was more than controlling.

Luckily Jan shares a prison cell with Mona, who herself was a victim of long term domestic abuse. Mona was also driven to kill her husband and is currently in prison for decades as a consequence.

Jan is due to take the stand in the retrial. This time Jan is surrounded by supportive women. There will be no male gaslighting if Caroline has anything to do with it.


  • Dido Miles as Dr Emma Reid
  • Gracie Kelly as Lynn Foley
  • Isaura Barbe-Brown as Caroline Morgan
  • Lucy Benjamin as Jan Fisher

By Eastieoaks

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