Doctors: S23E85 – The Trials of Jan Fisher – Part One
Friday 30 September 2022
BBC One: 13:45

We are with Jan Fisher the morning after she murdered her husband, Mark, who has been coercively controlling her for over 30 years. Jan is with her solicitor who is frustrated that she can’t really remember much about last night when she murdered her husband. Jan is clearly in shock, but she is badly advised to answer “no comment” to the police questions about the night before. The solicitor thinks this will buy her time, but the prosecution barrister later has a field day with this. Jan is keen to tell the court how she has been abused by her husband over the years, but her solicitor advises her to focus on last night only – she has no evidence for the long term abuse.

Lynne Foley, Mark’s girlfriend is next up and paints the picture of a seemingly perfect lover who was fearful of his out of control wife.


  • Christien Anholt as Paul Wyatt
  • Dido Miles as Dr Emma Reid
  • Gracie Kelly as Lynn Foley
  • Isaura Barbe-Brown as Caroline Morgan
  • Lucy Benjamin as Jan Fisher
  • Miles Richardson as Nicholas Andrews
  • Paul Foulds as Judge Patrick Hawthorn