Chas confirms to Paddy her love for Al was stronger than what they had. She is devastated to know her admission means her marriage is completely over.

Mackenzie fears Charity has discovered his baby secret as Charity struggles with the news she’s been given over the phone, grabs a bottle of vodka and heads out to clear her head. Caleb is too busy chatting on the phone to notice his car key has fallen on the ground which Charity picks up and invites Cain along for the ride. Irritated, Cain’s forced to follow Charity, and it soon becomes clear what’s been eating away at her…

Cain hears some home truths.

My thoughts: A very small cast in this episode and the quality shows with it not spread between so many characters which really allows the story to come across a whole lot better. A much better episode than we’ve had for a while.


  • Dominic Brunt as Paddy Dingle
  • Emma Atkins as Charity Dingle
  • Huey Quinn as Kyle Winchester
  • Jack Downham as Noah Dingle
  • Jeff Hordley as Cain Dingle
  • Lawrence Robb as Mackenzie Boyd
  • Lucy Pargeter as Chas Dingle
  • William Ash as Caleb Miligan

Emmerdale airs at 7:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX