Monday 13th February 2022

Marlon receives a text about but as he stands up to help, an alarmed April pleads with him to stay at home and rest. April starts to form a plan to keep Marlon safe..

Paddy is missing and the Dingles’ pull together to plan a search party for Paddy. Soon, everyone is on pins as PC Swirling arrives; revealing news about a reported sighting of Paddy. They gather to see Paddy in some CCTV footage but are horrified that the police are scaling back their search after locating him. As an angry Bear heads out, everyone is dismayed as it becomes clear Paddy doesn’t want to come home.

Tuesday 14th February 2022

The next day, upon finding Paddy’s hiding spot at a nearby guesthouse, nervous Mandy and Chas go and search for him. They are unaware, Paddy has spied them from a distance, but it’s clear he’s not ready to be found yet.

Will is angry about Caleb continuing to take liberties at Home Farm and asks reluctant Nicky to spy on him.

Noah arrives with Valentine’s gifts but he’s worried to find Samson spending more time with Amelia. The boys have an awkward exchange before Samson leaves but despite Amelia’s confidence that this is a positive step, Noah is unconvinced.

Wednesday 15th February 2022

Already anxious ahead of the hearing, Cain’s put out when Amy keeps to the bail conditions preventing him from seeing his son. Later, at The Hide, Amy and Kyle join Will and Lucas and the young boys become engrossed in a game together. When Amy has to dash and sign some papers for the solicitor, Will offers to take Kyle to the playground with him and Lucas but things soon kick off when Cain spots them. As Will and Cain have a tense discussion about Amy’s orders to keep Cain away from Kyle, she arrives to the confrontation and is quick to remind him that he’s not allowed access to his son. Caleb arrives to diffuse the situation and he leads Cain away. Later, an angry Amy is brooding as Victoria returns home and hears about the earlier confrontation. She’s shocked when Amy shares her plan…

Noah’s insecurities over Samson rise

Thursday 16th February 2022

Will apologises to Amy for the altercation with Cain but the pair of them are shocked when an escaped Apollo, the new stud horse, charges down Main Street. They’re unaware Cain, wanting revenge on Will for the altercation over Kyle the other day, unlocked the gate to Apollo’s horse stall. Watching from afar, Cain feasts on Will’s despair; he’s out of his depth trying to control Apollo. Suddenly, Caleb and Sam arrive with a horse box to deal with the situation, as Caleb makes his disdain for Will clear. Cain watches on, thrilled to see Will humbled and meek from the chaos.

When a dejected Marcus arrives home from a failed date with Ethan, Naomi drags him away for a night of their own.

A grieving Vinny emotionally toasts to Liv’s 21st birthday.

Friday 17th February 2022

The Dingles struggle with the cold. Soon Vinny and Belle are almost caught syphoning oil from Pollard’s oil tank. Belle and Vinny toast to a job well done and with the heating back on, Lydia softens her stance on whatever dodgy business they’ve done to fill the oil tank.

Marcus is appeased when Ethan assures him he does want them to find a place together. But he’s unaware of a shifty Ethan receiving a message from a mystery man. Later, Marcus is shocked to see Ethan getting into a stranger’s car.

Naomi catches up with Victoria about her relationship struggles.

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