Monday 27th February 


 Stephen gathers the shareholders on the workforce and, arguing Carla isn’t fit to take the reins yet, declares they should hold a vote of no confidence. Faye gets out her phone to tip off Carla. Dick Havisham arrives at Underworld and belittles Stephen for being incompetent. Carla summons Stephen to the office and, giving him a rollicking for trying to oust her from the business. Sarah’s saddened. Elaine tells Stephen the Redbank apartment is outside her budget but she’s thrilled when Stephen agrees to buy it together as flatmates. Elaine’s excited but secretly wishes they were moving in together as a couple. Stephen makes a surreptitious phone call, saying he needs an urgent meeting. 

PAUL MAKES AN EXPENSIVE MISTAKE WITH ED Paul itches to get cracking back at the yard, but Ed asks him to take it easy for now. Paul’s mildly concerned when he struggles to tie his bootlaces. Paul decides to cut down some panels using his left hand. Seeing him narrowly avoid the saw’s spinning blade, Ed brusquely orders him to go home. Paul admits to Billy he was sent home from work and hasn’t felt right since the accident. Paul informs Gemma he won’t be able to help her out with her gas bill. Ed regretfully tells Paul he can’t take him back on at the yard without the medical all-clear. Billy and Dee-Dee convince Paul to sue Carla for negligence. 

DAISY HAS HER CAKE BUT DOESN’T EAT IT The catering company advises Daisy they are sending some wedding cake samples for her approval. At No.1, Daisy, Daniel, Ken, Jenny and Gemma assemble for the cake tasting. Daisy’s appalled when the samples are delivered by Justin. Daniel contacts Justin’s delivery firm to report his stalking but they refuse to take action without proof. Daniel admits to Ken he’s worried about Justin posing a risk to Bertie. Ken promises they will help her through it.

ELSEWHERE Daryan informs Gary and Maria that his brother ended up in Nottingham but he cannot trace his exact location or any contact details. Gary and Maria offer Daryan money for a trip to Nottingham to hunt for his brother. Daryan announces that his social worker is taking him to Nottingham to search for his brother. Gary, Maria, Nina and Evelyn wave him off. En route to his train. Faye confides in Sally that Jackson, her daughter’s father, has made contact asking if she wants to see them. Faye explains to Sally that she came to terms with never being a mother due to her menopause and doesn’t want to run the risk of stirring up her feelings by seeing Miley. 

Thursday 2nd March 2023

STEPHEN GETS A TASTE OF HIS OWN MEDICINE As Carla prepares for the Nippersnapper presentation, Stephen laces her tea with LSD. Carla takes a sip but spits it out, complaining he’s used full fat milk. Stephen realises he’s given her the wrong one, meaning he or Sarah have drunk LSD. As they arrive at the hotel for the presentation Stephen takes the stage, his vision becomes blurred and he starts to sweat profusely. He realises in horror that he must have taken the LSD! As he takes a trip down memory lane will Stephen unmask himself?

PETER MAKES PAUL AN OFFER HE CAN REFUSE When Dr Gaddas tells Paul his hand could take up to 12 weeks to heal, Gemma urges him to go after Carla for loss of earnings. Having realised Carla wasn’t insured to drive the van, Peter offers Paul £15k compensation but asks that in return he drops the case against Carla. At first Paul accepts but on Dee-Dee’s advice he returns the £15k, explaining he needs to wait until he’s had a full diagnosis. 

SUMMER SEES A GIRL ON AARON’S PHONE When Summer discovers Aaron has been having late night phone conversations with his ex Mia she’s less than impressed. 

ELSEWHERE When Daisy’s hair stylist cancels her wedding booking, Jenny suggests using Maria but Daisy brands her old and out of touch. Maria’s offended but Daisy later apologises to Maria. As her phone pings repeatedly, she gets upset. Softening Maria opens up to Daisy about her ordeal with a stalker. With Gemma busy, Sally offers to look after Glory. Pretending she needs to nip out, she leaves Faye with Glory. When she returns to find them playing Sally hopes her ploy has worked. Kevin learns his Dad has had a heart attack.

Friday 3rd March 2023

AARON MAKES A DECISION ON AMY’S BEHALF When Summer confides in Amy how she’s struggling to trust Aaron, Amy tells her she’s needy and insecure. Summer hits back with a jibe about Jacob. Aaron finds Amy upset after the row. Revealing he’s being promoted to mechanic after his probation, Aaron’s in the mood to celebrate and reminds everyone it’s cocktail night at the bistro. As Amy and Aaron get ready over a few drinks, the sexual chemistry is evident and they find themselves kissing. Amy pulls away, wracked with guilt. Struggling watching Summer with Aaron at the bistro Amy heads home. As Aaron and Summer snipe at each other, ruining everyone’s evening, he announces he’s going too. Back at the flat Amy and Aaron play drinking games, polishing off every drop of alcohol in the flat. Amy stumbles into the bedroom to find more but declaring herself to be too drunk and feeling sick she falls into bed. Climbing into bed next to her and trying to kiss her, Amy’s completely oblivious as to what Aaron does next.

STEPHEN SCORES AN OWN GOAL Stephen tells Elaine that he’d like to keep their engagement a secret for the time being and just enjoy the moment. Carla berates Stephen for pulling out of the presentation, leaving Sarah to carry the can, making it clear he’s to have nothing more to do with the American deal now. Stephen seethes and heads to the precinct intent on buying more drugs. However when two lads pocket his money and laugh in his face, Stephen sees red. 

PAUL GIVES GEMMA AND CHESNEY A HELPING HAND Paul hands Chesney a wad of cash, explaining he’s taken out a loan as he wants to help them and will be able to pay it back as soon as his compensation comes through. 

ELSEWHERE On Maria’s advice to go back to the police, Daisy tells Jenny that she’s been granted a hearing for a Stalking Protection Order next week. When Hope reveals that Beth slapped her, but warned her not to bother grassing her up as nobody would believe her, Sam’s shocked and tells Tyrone that Hope is telling the truth. 

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