Monday 20th March

  • Writer: James Coleman
  • Director: Vicki Kisner

It’s Mother’s Day in the Hollyoaks village, and Norma’s plan to kidnap the twins is well underway, but when a scuffle at the steering wheel leads to a crash, her life hangs in the balance…

Felix helps Warren write his Mother’s Day card, and suggests they go to pick up the surprise he’s arranged for her in the garage, but Norma finds enough excuses to dismiss it.

Sienna prepares to set the twins off on their day out with Warren and Norma. Sienna realises that her children’s passports have disappeared as she pieces everything together.

An oblivious Warren is forced to return to the village as Sophie’s favourite toy has been left behind. Once Norma realises, they’re back in the village, she grabs the wheel, driving the car straight into the Grand Bizarre…

Bobby returns with gifts and flowers for his mum, Mercedes is happy once again…

Later, Felix sets out to find Mercedes to keep her mind occupied, but she continues to push him away. He doesn’t let that stop his problem-solving streak as he attempts to cheer up Pearl in heart-warming scenes.

Honour is the next person to reach out trying to comfort Mercedes, and she offers to help by trying to arrange a video call with Bobby.

Meanwhile, Nancy catches Darren’s attempt to make a cake for a Mother’s Day family get-together, hoping to solve the conflicts amongst them. Brooke finds Charlie and talks him into joining.

Tuesday 21st March

  • Writer: James Coleman
  • Director: Vicki Kisner

Mother’s Day continues in the Hollyoaks village…

The whole village observes the aftermath of the crash. Grace helps Cindy up after pushing her out of the way, and Sienna saves her children.

The market continues to crumble on top of the car with Warren and Norma still inside. Realising his mum’s devious plan, a betrayed Warren must decide to save Norma, but will he decide in time…

James continues to receive missed calls and texts from an unknown caller.

Later, Brooke successfully brings Charlie home and the family reunite. They just need one more favour from Darren who was not as successful with the cake baking… Later, Charlie notices that baby Morgan’s foot has turned blue.

Mercedes is overjoyed by her (now) phone call with Bobby, however Goldie’s fears that this may not best idea comes true when Bobby berates his mum.

Meanwhile at the Westwoods’, the family have a surprise visit from Sharon, played by Jamelia (press release to follow), who admits she has had a trial shift at the Dee Valley Hospital. Pearl is delighted by her daughters visit on this special day, however Zoe is not convinced she will stay for long.

Wednesday 22nd March

  • Writer: Alanna Hallum
  • Director: Vicki Kisner

The episode begins with two sets of parents anxiously pacing the hospital corridors, waiting for an update on their children.

Sienna waiting for the dismissal of the twins, along with Nancy and Darren after finding Morgan’s foot had turned blue due to circulatory problems.

Later, Warren tries to visit the twins after Sienna brings them home, pleading her to believe him that he had no knowledge of his mother’s plans.

Meanwhile, Misbah goes to check on an exhausted looking Imran. She begins to pack up his belongings and insists he comes home; they continue to clash when he declares he is taking part in Ramadan.

Imran tells his mother that he will return home if she respects his decision to take part in the religious practice.

Back at the Westwoods’, Pearl attempts to reunite the girls to make the most of her daughter’s surprise visit but Zoe is still reluctant to join them.

Tom and Cindy survey the damage to the Grand Bazaar after receiving an expensive quote from the builder, but that is what insurance is for… right Cindy?

Thursday 23rd March

  • Writer: Jonathan Boam
  • Director: Vicki Kisner

We open with an emotional Darren, unable to get a hold of Nancy. When he arrives back at the hospital the pair continue to fall out.

The two work through their issues as always, uniting together for their daughter.

At the Cunningham’s, Cindy receives a letter informing her that the insurance for the Grand Bazaar has expired… She lies to Tom, insisting he stays out of it.

Back at the Westwoods’, Sharon suggests a mother-daughter bonding day. It takes some convincing, but Zoe eventually agrees to lunch.

Later, Prince makes a bet that the new star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Rayne, wouldn’t be able to keep their hands off each other for a whole day…

Friday 24th March

  • Writer: Rachel Hall
  • Director: Vicki Kisner

Nancy, believing she is failing her children, is in need of a miracle…

Cindy manages to find enough excuses to keep Tom at ease, believing that her plan to raise money will succeed, but it all comes to a halt…

At The Dog, Tony is still haunted by all that has happened with Eric and a helpless Diane struggles to convince him to seek help. Maxine announces to the couple that she has been asked to speak about her experience at a women’s activist conference, Diane saves her husband when he is asked to join by volunteering herself.

Meanwhile, Rayne proceeds with her attempts to make Prince a ‘viral hit’ amongst her followers, announcing that he is going to do a live DJ set on her socials. Prince doubts himself but his best friend is there to give him the push he needs.

Hollyoaks airs these scenes from Monday March 20 on Channel 4

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