Monday 27th March

Amelia is pleased Samson is taking more of an interest in Esther. Later, as Samson reluctantly babysits, Sarah discovers Esther has a burning temperature. Panicked, they call an ambulance to take her to hospital. Dan praises Samson for calling the ambulance. After some time, everybody is relieved to hear Esther will be okay, but Noah hates the praise Samson is receiving for ‘saving’ Esther. Later, Samson arrives under false pretences to check on Esther – but Samson instead, demands more money from Noah, in order to stay out of Amelia and Esther’s life.

Dawn reveals to Billy how Alex threatened her and Billy is left frustrated and angry Alex keeps getting away with things because of his power over the children. Meanwhile – Alex is getting comfortable with his new life in the village – until Clare rudely interrupts, demanding he finishes what he started. Alex enters the surgery but is shocked to find the drugs cabinet empty. However he soon has a plan B. and urges Clare not to give up on him.

Nate gets a hunch Mackenzie cares more for Chloe and the baby than he is admitting to and before long Mackenzie wonders if he’s got a point. When Mackenzie bumps into Chloe at the Hide and he’s gobsmacked to learn Chloe is having a boy – as the baby begins to kick. There’s a charged moment between the two as Mackenzie feels the baby kicking.

Gabby and Nicky prepare to spend the day together. But it’s a close call when Dawn almost catches them.

Tuesday 28th March

The next day, to keep him quiet, Noah pays off Samson via bank transfer. The minute Samson receives Noah’s money he revokes his desire to spend time with Esther and Amelia is devastated by Samson’s change of heart. She’s now worried she won’t be able to afford Esther’s childcare. A thought strikes her that maybe Noah could help pay for it with his inheritance, but she’s disgusted by Noah’s reaction that she only uses him as a cash machine. As Amelia storms off Charity questions her son after seeing his strange reaction to Amelia’s request – will Charity get to the bottom of the problem?

The next day it’s clear Mackenzie is struggling more than he’s letting on and soon he and Choe argue over Mack’s involvement in the baby’s life. Nate’s left unconvinced that Mack will leave her alone.

The next day, Manpreet and Naomi attempt to bolster Alex into fighting for his kids. Whilst, secretly, Alex plots out his plan to rob the pharmacy van – when Manpreet catches him drawing out his plans, he convinces her it’s for a job interview.

Mary opens up to Kim about her concerns around Faye and her family. Nicky’s contract is up for renewal and Kim has a big decision to make. Later, Kim, Gabby and Dawn discuss Nicky’s employment. Nicky’s shocked when Gabby doesn’t give him a glowing review. However, despite Gabby’s faux protests, Kim decides to make Nicky permanent. When Kim and Dawn leave, Gabby and Nicky head upstairs to celebrate.

Wednesday 29th March

Charity tries to comfort her struggling son Noah, and Mack is guilty to know he’s deceiving her.. Later, on Charity’s advice Noah comes clean to Amelia about Samson blackmailing him. With Amelia leading the way – Samson is soon confronted from all angles by his angry friends and family and as the confrontation comes to a climax, Samson desperately tries to wriggle off the hook but he’s left shaken when an ashamed Sam tells him to find elsewhere to live…

Soon Alex impersonates Liam to find out when the pharmacy delivery will arrive. Meanwhile, supportive Charles tries to convince him to fight for his kids but is shocked to learn how Kim and Will kidnapped and threatened him over the matter. Soon Charles heads to confront them. Soon Dawn can’t believe what she’s hearing they did and is left hoping this won’t all backfire.

Mandy Dingle steps up as a true friend for Paddy this week but is that all she wants? She’s busy cooking him meals and supporting him as much as she can. Alongside being their for Paddy, Mandy is super excited to be attending some Beauty Awards

The next day with his contract permanent and official the pair celebrate but when Gabby is suddenly hit with a wave of nausea. Nicky takes care of her and she is happy their relationship is getting more serious.

Thursday 30th March

The next day Billy attempts to calm a nervous Dawn as they await the court case that determines if they get full custody and adoption of Lucas and Clemmie. When Billy and Dawn arrive at the court, they have a nervous wait for the judge and social worker to arrive. Meanwhile Alex is carrying out his plan as Naomi tries to convince him to go to court and fight for his kids. Soon, Alex sits at a junction deciding whether to head to Hotten or follow the pharmacy van.

As the court case continues the judge states the only way Alex could have his kids were if he arrived now to announce his desire. Billy and Dawn look tense. However, unbeknownst to them Alex is too busy wrenching open the doors of the pharmacy van and stealing all the drugs. Later on, back in the village; Charles is shocked to discover Alex has stolen drugs, Alex makes a run for it and Charles gives chase. Alex is tackled by an incensed Charles causing damage to his Charles’ car. After an argument, Alex reveals all about his masterplan and Charles is broken to hear that Alex has been playing them this whole time, including his relationship with Naomi.

As Charles attempts to call the police, Alex smashes his phone and makes off with the drugs. Frustrated by Naomi’s reaction to what he has told her – Charles grabs his keys and heads out for a drive. By the side of a road Alex is on the phone to Clare – when he hangs up, he steps out into the road – only to be hit by a passing car. Alex lies lifeless on the road. A figure walks towards him, before quickly turning back and running away.

Mandy gets ready to set off for the Beauty Awards, Paddy is busy heading to see daughter Eve. But when poor Paddy gets a bad reception, as Eve doesn’t want to spend the day with him, he’s heartbroken. Will Mandy be there for her friend or will her awards prove too important to her?

Nicky and Gabby are getting hot and heavy in the kitchen when Caleb walks in and catches them red handed.. Gabby defends the situation hoping she’s said enough..

Friday 31st March

Amelia gets two offers

Gabby and Nicky have lots to say

An arrest is made.

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