At Rhona’s birthday lunch in the Woolpack, the family are mortified when Gus turns up and introduces his wife Lucy. Rhona is taken aback and unsure of how to respond but Mary takes charge. After receiving both barrels from Mary, Gus and Lucy leave totally crushed. Rhona’s wound up at Mary’s intervention but Marlon reassures her that this is her choice and he will support whatever decision she makes. Rhona heads out to clear her head when she spots a forlorn Gus comforting heartbroken Lucy. Back at home, Rhona reveals that she’s going to let Gus and Lucy use her embryos and that she’s already given them the good news. Stunned, Marlon’s cautiously supportive but Mary’s left reeling.

Caleb purposely overhears Kim and Will discussing hiding money in the Tate businesses and rattled Kim attempts to assuage Caleb as he pretends to be troubled about their shared assets. Later Kim offers to transfer the funds via some indirect means enabling Caleb to buy everything in his name. Caleb feigns to mill it over before agreeing, finding this all too easy.


Marlon points out that Rhona might find it hard to stay away if one of her embryos becomes a baby and Rhona mulls over the impact of her decision knowing he could be right. Rhona later breaks down but will she crush Gus and Lucy’s dreams?

Kim puts pressure on Caleb to get everything signed-off with the stud farm. Building trust, tentative Caleb tries to convince Kim to speak to his solicitor. In a bid to prove himself, Caleb manages to secure a better deal on some items they’re buying from the stud farm. Impressed by his efforts, Kim agrees to give Caleb’s solicitor a fair hearing.


Understanding the impact of his absence, Paddy offers to spend some time with Chas and Eve as family. Paddy reads to Eve as Chas listens in, happy to see her family back together. When Paddy offers Chas a hug, she melts into his arms and they kiss. The moment is interrupted, however, when Eve calls down and they both pull away instantly.

Will’s still distrusting of Caleb and continues to warn Kim off any involvement with him. After some convincing, it seems that Will’s words have finally struck a chord with her but has he got through to his wife before it’s too late?

Leyla has spent the night with Caleb and in hindsight, is worried about her decision. Caleb tries to reassure Leyla that he wants to spend time with her.


Excited about the wedding, Charity and Chas pop the champagne in the Salon with Mandy. When she learns from Charity that Chas and Paddy kissed, Mandy struggles to hide her feelings. Meanwhile, on the Main Street, Paddy is left furious when he overhears Bear confronting Chas about the other night. Chas processes Paddy’s reaction, hoping he still has feelings for her after all.

Over in the Salon, Mandy does her best to get a handle on her emotions in front of Charity. Overwhelmed, she rushes out for coffee but bumps into Paddy. Paddy explains that he’s in turmoil over whether he should go back to Chas. Trying not to show her true feelings, Mandy encourages Paddy to pursue what makes him happy.

Suddenly realising that she’s late to check on Charity’s hair and she rushes back to the Salon to find Charity looking like a curly blonde poodle. Later, Chas attempts to address the kiss with Paddy which only exacerbates the pressure he feels to make a decision. He’s stunned when Chas asks for forgiveness and for him to come home for good.

Amelia is worried about who will look after Esther if anything happens to her. Victoria tries to reassure Amelia but is left concerned when she hurries off. Once at the Doctors Surgery, Amelia confides in Manpreet about a lump she’s found on her chest. Overwhelmed, Amelia panics when Manpreet refers her to the breast clinic. Later, at the Playground, Amelia receives a call from the clinic and agrees to go in tomorrow. Noah witnesses Amelia crying but decides not to go over.

A devastated Charity is forced to reveal her hair to the pub, leaving everyone shocked.


Vinny suggests that Mandy should try dating but she assures him that he’s the only man she needs. Mandy is grateful for Vinny’s support.

Paddy and Bear bond on a fishing trip.

Bernice is hurt and embarrassed when members start cancelling on the menopause meet-up.

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