Marshall catches Cathy with some bottles of vodka she has taken from the B&B. The troubled teens head off, intent on numbing their pain. At the Cricket Pavilion, Cathy and Marshall share their troubles. On the road to self-destruction, they both take alternative swigs from the vodka bottle. As the effects of the vodka take hold, Cathy’s green in the face but Marshall has no intention of stopping. Bob, Laurel and Jai look for the kids, worried about what they’re doing.

As they find them, unwell, Cathy vomits as the parents approach. As Marshall hands over the vodka, Laurel hopes she’s got through to him. Later, Arthur feels rejected when Marshall takes himself off to bed. Little do they know that, in his bedroom, Marshall pulls out the second bottle of vodka. Unscrewing the lid, he takes another swig, determined to keep numbing his pain.

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