Laurel lets out a guttural scream as she finds Marshall unconscious with vomit around his mouth.

Cathy is ashamed of her actions and flies off the handle and strikes Bob by accident scratching him with her keys. Bob winces, still holding his bleeding cheek. Later, cooling off from the day’s events, Bob gives Cathy a hug but as he leaves, a lost Cathy takes a packed rucksack out from behind the sofa. Cathy stares at the B&B with tears in her eyes. She turns and heads off into the night…

Faye explains to Mary that she needs to go back to Ecuador to help run the women’s refuge. Mary’s in a spin as she tries to persuade Faye to stay. Faye insists that she has to go and implores Mary to come with her. That afternoon, Mary explains the situation to Rhona. Conflicted Mary choses to pass up the opportunity much to Rhona’s relief. Calling in on Suzy, Mary opens up to her about what’s stopping her following Faye. She surprises herself by saying, ‘Rhona’. Suzy regrets not following Vanessa to Canada but knows she’s coming back. This leaves Mary with food for thought but has she changed her mind?

A mysterious figure watches Belle. When the mysterious figure bumps into Belle, he is revealed to be Tom King. Belle and Tom naturally flirt with one another, catching up. As Tom asks Belle for a drink there’s a glint in her eye.

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