Monday 1st May 2023

TIM DRIVES ELAINE AWAY After locking horns with Tim, Elaine agrees to fly out to Vegas that afternoon to marry Stephen. Sally’s shocked and breaks the news to Tim so Tim offers to run Elaine and Stephen to the airport, making out that he accepts their marriage plans. Tim lures Elaine into his taxi and leaving Stephen on the doorstep, speeds away with his Mum a hostage in the car. As Sally and Stephen watch in disbelief, will Tim be able to put a stop to his mum’s wedding? 

PAUL STRUGGLES TO HEAR WHAT HIS FUTURE HOLDS Dee-Dee introduces Paul to Trish, a woman she met online who lost her husband to MND. As Trish describes the stages of MND and what to expect, Dee-Dee urges Paul to tell Billy and his family about his condition, but will he listen? 

SARAH WORRIES DAMON’S GETTING CLOSER TO ADAM Adam books a table at the bistro for his birthday as Damon offers to throw in a bottle of Champagne, will Sarah be able to mask her unease? 

ELSEWHERE Amy boards the bus into town to meet a uni friend, but when a guy sits next to her, she suffers a panic attack and orders the bus driver to pull over. Meanwhile Eric breaks the news to Aaron that his Nan has died and insists that he’d like to take him and Abi out for dinner. In the Rovers, Brian reveals that he too builds model boats and offers to assist George with his. At No.11, Eileen finds George and Brian working on their model ships but she is furious when she discovers they’ve accidentally glued her favourite mug to the table.  

Wednesday 3rd May 2023

Paul Niall to give him another job. When Billy tries to make plans with Paul, Paul lies and makes out he’s already got plans with Dee-Dee. Later, Billy quizzes Dee-Dee about her plans with Paul, and luckily for Paul, Dee-Dee thinks on her feet and covers for Paul. But Dee-Dee is suspicious so she secretly follows Paul to Freshco’s car park and  finds him about to steal a car. She threatens to call the police but Paul is adamant that he needs the money and putting the car into gear, roars off. How will Dee-Dee get through to Paul? Paul corners Damon in the bistro office and demands £25k or he’ll grass him up but Damon stands his ground and later double-crosses Paul by calling his criminal contacts, urging them to shut down Paul’s attempt at blackmail. How much danger is Paul in?

ADAM GETS A SURPRISE ON HIS BIRTHDAY Sarah takes Adam for a birthday lunch at the bistro. Adam tells Nick that there may be a problem with the late licence as some locals have raised objections, meanwhile Damon joins Adam and Sarah at their table, leaving Sarah squirming. When Maria lets slip that Sarah was one of those who raised objections about the late licence, Nick and Adam are furious but Damon enjoys her discomfort. How will Sarah turn this around? 

ELAINE REACHES OUT TO AUDREY Stephen offers to re-book their tickets to Vegas and reminds Elaine that he’ll need her passport, will Elaine agree? 

ELSEWHERE Brian suggests that he and George enter their model ships into a competition. Eric calls at the garage and, showing Aaron the keys to his new flat, suggests he should move back in with him, what will he decide? 

Friday 5th May 2023

PAUL WALKS INTO DAMON’S TRAP Damon promises Paul that he’ll have the cash just as soon as he can lay his hands on it. As Paul heads off with Bernie and Gemma to go wedding dress shopping, Damon calls Niall and tells him the plan is on. In the wedding shop, when Gemma finds the perfect dress, Paul takes pictures in the hope the factory girls can knock up a cheap copy but the shop assistant catches them red handed. Later, Paul meets up with Damon in the precinct and Damon admits that he hasn’t got it and that Niall and his brother are out for his blood. Damon has a change of heart and orders Paul to scarper before it’s too late. Will Paul get away in time? And what consequences will this have for Damon? 

NICK’S NOT GIVING UP ON THE LATE LICENCE Sarah speaks her mind to Nick and Leanne, telling them that their late licence idea is a terrible one. Nick calls at the Rovers and tells the locals that there will be a meeting at 2pm in the bistro to air their opinions on the late licence but when Gail asserts that she has no objection to it, Nick’s left baffled. Nick tells Sarah that Gail has no objection to the late licence and wonders why she lied. With the meeting to discuss the late licence about to start, Nick and Leanne wonder where Damon has got to. While Brian, Evelyn and Ken fire awkward questions about noise pollution at Nick, Leanne tries in vain to get hold of Damon. 

DAVID ASKS DANIEL FOR HELP David tells Gail that Max is being considered for early release and but when he visits Max in the STC he is sure to warn him to not to get his hopes up.

ELSEWHERE When Peter reveals that he’s booked them a mini-break, Carla points out that they can’t leave Ryan and he’ll have to rearrange it but unfortunately Peter realises it’s non-refundable. When Ryan finds the printout of the cancelled mini-break, he feels guilty. Outside No.4, Stephen is annoyed to see Owen flirting with Jenny. 

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