Monday 8th May 2023

SARAH SEES DAMON IN A NEW LIGHT Sarah overhears Dee-Dee and Beth gossiping about Damon’s black eye and calls at the bistro to find Damon there alone. When Damon leans in and kisses her, Sarah kisses him back and they head into the office, locking the door behind them. Meanwhile Paul has his day in court where Paul pleads guilty. Adam and Dee-Dee tell Leanne that they called at the bistro as they need a meeting about the late licence, but they found the place locked. Nick, Leanne, Adam and Dee-Dee head into the bistro wondering where Damon’s got to. In the office Sarah and Damon freeze with fear, will they be caught red-handed? 

RYAN PHONES A FRIEND Daniel feels a pang of jealousy when Daisy calls over to see Ryan, meanwhile Ryan is disappointed when she tells him she’s meeting Daniel for lunch. Alone in the flat, Ryan’s overcome by a wave of pain and instinctively he calls Crystal. In the Rovers, Daisy ignores the call but when Daisy’s phone rings again, Daniel urges her to call Ryan back. Daisy texts Ryan pretending to be Crystal. 

MAX LEAVES DANIEL A MESSAGE As Daniel’s lesson draws to a close, Max slips the phone back onto Daniel’s desk. At No.1, Daniel scrolls through his phone and finds Max’s video diary. In the Rovers, Daniel watches Max’s heart-rending video. 

ELSEWHERE In the Rovers, Jenny lays on a spread to celebrate the King’s Coronation. After listening into Stephen’s conversation with Owen, Beth reports back to the workers that Owen is looking to outsource, what will this mean for the workers? Paul’s gutted to realise that he’s due in court for sentencing the day before Gemma’s wedding and runs the risk of missing her big day.

Wednesday 10th May 2023

DAISY’S PLAN BACKFIRES Daniel tells Ken and Daisy about Max’s video and how he intends to help him. Daisy in turn promises that she’s going to take a step back from helping Ryan. Daisy calls on Ryan and is concerned to see him looking peaky.  Ryan assures her he doesn’t need babysitting and he’s going to message Crystal.  Daisy masks her concern. When Ryan texts, Daisy replies and, in a bid to put him off Crystal, rudely makes out she can’t stand club music and prefers country. Ryan leaves a voice message for Crystal telling her that he too loves country music and he’s going to book a ticket and come out to Ibiza to see her.  Daisy listens to it, horrified. Daisy calls at the flat but when she advises him against flying to Ibiza, Ryan wonders how she knew he was considering it. Ryan buys her story that she had seen him looking at flights and suggests they go for a walk, asserting it’s time he faced the world. As Ryan and Daisy return from their walk, Daisy suggests a drink in the Rovers. Ryan thanks Daisy for making him face his demons, and as they stare at each other, it’s clear their feelings go deeper.

FIZ IS GIVEN AN OFFER SHE CAN REFUSE Beth tells Stephen she’d be interested in applying for the new supervisor role based in Norwich, promoting Fiz to reveal that Kirk is clearly missing her. Later, Stephen calls Fiz into the office and offers her the supervisor job in Norwich, telling her it’ll be double the salary she’s on now. Tyrone tells Fiz that she should take the supervisor’s job.

MAX SHUTS DOWN Daniel tells Ken and Daisy about Max’s video, how he intends to help him meanwhile David visits Max hoping that he’ll open up to him like he did in the video but Max gives nothing away. In the classroom, Daniel tries to have a quiet word with Max about his video, but he refuses to discuss it. With the lesson about to start, one of the lads, Gav, accuses Max of being very pally with Daniel and so, in a bid to earn Gav’s approval, Max disrupts the class. 

ELSEWHERE Summer persuades Aadi and Amy to come to Billy’s Eurovision party but Amy reveals that she’s got a lunch date with Ezra, a boy on her course. As Summer applies Amy’s makeup, it’s clear Amy’s already regretting her date with Ezra. Later, Amy feels sick as she watches Aaron in Victoria Garden, kissing a girl. Amy confides in Aadi that it’s hard to see Aaron getting on with his life.

Friday 12th May 2023

RYAN’S CONDITION WORSENS Feeling increasingly unwell, Ryan rushes to the bathroom where he’s sick. Daisy shares her concerns about Ryan with Jenny but Jenny tells her not to be so hard on herself as she reckons Crystal might cheer him up. At the mention of her alter ego, Daisy scrabbles in her bag and realising she’s left her spare phone at home, hurries out. Meanwhile feeling desperately ill, Ryan calls Crystal and leaves a message. Alone in the flat, Ryan drifts into unconsciousness. 

DANIEL TAKES DRASTIC ACTION Having found Daisy’s spare phone, Daniel records a message for Max suggesting that if there’s anything bothering him, he can record it on the phone. As the boys file out of class, Daniel hands Max the phone. When Daniel reveals that he gave the spare phone to Max, Daisy demands that he get it back as soon as possible. In the STC, Max watches Daniel’s video but Gav demands to know where he got it. Max explains to Gav that Daniel gave him the phone so he could record a journal. Gav plays Ryan’s voice message and Max listens with concern, knowing Ryan is in danger. 

FIZ BIDS A TEMPORARY FAREWELL Fiz packs her case for Norwich. In the factory, Izzy and Kirk offer Fiz their support whilst Evelyn and the girls wave Fiz off as she leaves with Tyrone for the station. 

ELSEWHERE Amy describes the girl she saw kissing Aaron in Victoria Garden. Summer realises it was Mia, Aaron’s ex. Meanwhile, Eric tells Aaron that they could go travelling and Abi’s secretly pleased to think Aaron will be leaving. Mia shows Aaron the message she received from Amy warning her that he’s bad news, how will Aaron react? Gemma calls at the factory and, showing Izzy a wedding dress she picked up in a charity shop, asks her to turn it into something amazing. Gemma tells Chesney they ought to invite Linda to the wedding and Chesney agrees. 

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