Monday 22nd May 2023

FAYE FEELS IMPRISONED BY CRAIG Craig assures Faye that he would never report her to the police and he goes on to suggest they should buy a flat together and set a date for the wedding. Later, when Tim admits how relieved he is that she chose Craig, Faye feels more trapped than ever. Jackson and Miley invite Faye for a last family outing before they leave but she can’t face it. Instead she breaks down to Gary and admits that she wants to be with Jackson, but she can’t leave Craig because he knows something that could land her back in prison. 

PAUL IS GIVEN A GLIMMER OF HOPE Chesney lies that he’s sorted the flowers and the sound system for the wedding by calling in a couple of favours from some old mates and elsewhere, Paul tells Dee-Dee how he’s come across a new drug on the internet which claims to cure MND. Hopeful, he visits the MND clinic hoping to discuss the new drug but without success. Rita suggests that Gemma has a joint stag and hen do with Chesney to cut costs and she offers to put some cash behind the bar.

SAM’S PARTY IDEA BLOWS UP IN HIS FACE Eliza’s belated birthday party gets underway in Speed Daal. Promising Eliza a surprise, Roy and Sam wow the party guests with a science display. However a jealous Hope slyly sabotages the science experiment, and as it bursts into huge flames, Yasmeen grabs the fire extinguisher. 

ELSEWHERE Aggie asks Steve and Tracy when they’re going to fix their roof and remove the scaffolding. In the café, Brian introduces Isabella to Glenda and Bernie but when Glenda tries to engage her in a conversation about Italy, Isabella ignores her leaving Glenda and Mary taken aback. In the bistro, Isabella tells Brian they’re going to party the Italian way. 

Wednesday 24th May 2023

PAUL FEARS HE CAN’T WALK GEMMA DOWN THE AISLE Paul realises there’s something wrong with his right foot but hides it from Billy. Gemma asks Paul if he’ll give her away at the wedding and he agrees to. When Jenny talks through the plans for the stag and hen do with Paul she notices he’s struggling with his right foot. Later, Dee-Dee accompanies Paul to his appointment with the MND nurse and Paul begs the nurse to consider him for Tofersen treatment, convinced it’s the answer to his prayers. 

GEORGE ACCUSES BRIAN OF NAVAL SABOTAGE Brian admires George’s model of the Golden Hind and assures him he didn’t steal his maidenhead. Annoyed by George’s seemingly cocky attitude, Isabella secretly super-glues the model ship to the table and as a consequence Brian tries to lift George’s model off the table and a chunk snaps off in his hands. George accuses Brian of glueing the ship to the table and in revenge, he locks Brian’s model ship in the hearse meaning neither of them can take part in the competition. 

CRAIG HAS A STARTLING ADMISSION Faye tells Craig that Jackson and Miley will be calling round to take some photos before they leave for Slough. As Faye, Craig, Jackson, Miley, Tim and Sally pose for family photos, Miley explains how she plans to put together an album to remember them by. Faye does her best to keep a lid on her emotions but Craig can see she’s deeply upset. Craig tells Faye that if she wants to go with Jackson and Miley to Slough then she should do it and with her case packed, Faye approaches the car; her decision is made. As the car pulls away, Craig watches, heartbroken.
ELSEWHERE When Nina reveals that Roy’s nervous of taking Freddie for a walk, Evelyn offers to accompany him. Roy and Evelyn set off on their dog walk but Roy suffers terrible chest pains. Evelyn urges him to chase up his appointment with the heart specialist. 

Friday 26th May 2023

PAUL STRUGGLES TO FACE HIS FATE Billy urges Paul to apologise to Gemma but Paul refuses to discuss it. Billy confides in Dee-Dee how worried he is about Paul and demands to know what’s going on. Outside the court, Dee-Dee wonders where Paul has got to. Damon finds Paul sitting alone in Victoria Garden. Damon urges Paul to do the right thing, get himself down to court and embrace the life he has left. Paul finally arrives at court and Dee-Dee’s awash with relief. Unbeknown to Paul, Billy too heads into the courthouse. 

WALKING FREDDIE IS NO STROLL IN THE PARK FOR ROY As Roy walks Freddie through the precinct, Freddie spies a cat and gives chase. Roy is brought up short by the pain in his chest.  Evelyn calls an ambulance. 

DAISY IS BEING WATCHED Aware that Justin is due in court today, Daisy tells Ken and Daniel that she’ll never relax until he’s behind bars. In the Rovers, Daisy tells Jenny that Justin pleaded guilty to the assault on her but he’s still a free man. Jenny assures her it’ll be a different story after next week’s trial. 

ELSEWHERE Craig calls at the factory with some work bits and bobs which Faye left behind.  Sally feels for him and suggests he joins them at No.4 later as she’s doing a Mexican supper. At No.4, Sally does her best to cheer up Tim and Craig and suggests they find a common hobby to take their minds off Faye. In the Rovers, Mary notices Isabella’s sticky fingers but decides to let it go for Brian’s sake. Isabella asserts that she can’t wait for Brian to visit her in Naples but makes it clear that Mary’s not welcome. Isabella calls in the café in tears and tells Brian that during the renovations at her flat, the builders have discovered subsidence and it’s not safe for her to return.

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