Episode 1

Tracy wastes little time in getting her paws on Dev, and Audrey is stunned by a confession from Richard, who almost admits he tried to kill her. Elsewhere, Peter and Shelley don’t react kindly to the news that Ciaran is here to stay.

Episode 2

Deirdre makes a shocking discovery about Tracy, Sarah has a tense encounter with Ade and the campaign to expose Richard as a murderer gathers momentum.


Steve tries to borrow money from the bank to save the business. Ken can’t understand why Deirdre is so against Tracy seeing Dev. Roy finally arrives back from Paxos.


Episode 1

As the residents gather in the Rovers to see in the New Year, Gail struggles with her emotions after making eye contact with Audrey, while Deirdre’s attempts to reunite Tracy with Robert backfire.

Episode 2

Steve’s financial woes have an unfortunate knock-on effect for the Grimshaws, who find themselves facing eviction. Aidan takes advantage of Sarah’s good nature and love-rat John two-times Toyah with Maria.


Episode 1

Maria struggles to cope with her guilt, an unexpected offer gives Steve food for thought and Sunita leaves Tracy speechless after revealing the truth about Dev and Deirdre.

Episode 2

Tracy tells Deirdre she knows about her little fling with Dev last Christmas, giving her mother no choice but to come clean to Ken just as he is preparing to go to court to defend himself against hitting Ade.


Episode 1

Deirdre implores a furious Ken to forgive her infidelity. Tracy confronts Dev over his fling with her mother. Karen strikes a deal with Joe behind Steve’s back.

Episode 2

A crestfallen Ken decides to pay Dev a visit, Karen goes behind Steve’s back and finds a tenant for the Streetcars flat and Fred’s new romance leaves Ashley and Maxine stunned.

These episodes originally aired on ITV between 27 December 2002 – 8 January 2003

Classic Coronation Street airs weekdays from 2.35pm on ITV3

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