Following her car crash with Moira Dingle (Natalie Robb) Nicola only has one goal, to get justice for Angel (Rebecca Bakes). However, going up against the Dingles was never going to be easy and Nicola’s refusal to accept the crash as an accident could lead to more trouble ahead.

Next week, Frustrated Jimmy pleads with Nicola to visit her daughter in hospital, but Nicola is focused on her execution of justice, in denial that it’s for herself instead of Angel. Nicola visits the Doctors’, but Liam says there is no medical evidence to substantiate her claims, leaving her burning with injustice on a warpath for Moira.

Later, Angel encourages her to accept that the crash was an accident, but Nicola is unreadable as she decides what to do. Nicola maintains her feud against Moira and continues her online tirade behind her daughter’s back.

Later, Moira becomes determined to stop Nicola’s tirade after she discovers Isaac is being bullied over her culpability for Angel’s accident.

When Moira arrives at Victoria Cottage, threatening to take action against Nicola’s harmful rumour mill, Angel places the blame for the accident on her own mother, ostracising Nicola from the family…

Emmerdale airs these scenes from Monday May 29 on ITV1