Episode 1

Gloria sets up surgery in the village hall, unaware that news of her dalliance has hit the tabloids. Frances is offended by Siobhan’s attitude toward the miscarriage, and Marlon sets his heart on renting Pear Tree Cottage.

Episode 2

Gloria makes a last-ditch attempt to save her floundering marriage, Siobhan’s lies catch up with her as Paul uncovers his wife’s treachery, and Charity begs a favour of Marlon.


Episode 1

Paul moves back home, refusing to have anything to do with Siobhan as he tries to make sense of her treacherous actions. Steph pushes Shelly too far.

Episode 2

As Charity awaits her fate, a shock revelation leaves the court with no choice but to grant her bail. Siobhan splits the Marsdens, while Gloria gives up on her marriage, leaving the way clear for another.


Episode 1

Charity plays an unwise game of double-bluff in a bid to turn her condition to her advantage, Marlon struggles to do the right thing and Eddie cooks up a scheme to repay his debts at Viv’s expense.

Episode 2


Marlon makes Charity homeless, while Debbie is horrified to hear her mother’s plans. Scott receives an unexpected job offer and Andy gets an insight into Daz’s home life.

Episode 1

Andy agrees to let Daz stay on, Rodney and Danny return from their foreign expedition and Dawn is delighted by Terry’s progress. Charity sacks her lawyer, but how will she pay for another?

Episode 2

Daz fails to grasp that being a welcome guest means helping out around the house and not crashing someone else’s car. Scott tries it on with Katie, while Dawn seems glued to Terry’s bedside.


Dawn’s optimism fades as she struggles to cope, while Terry can’t help but notice his wife’s fraying nerves. Andy offers to pay for Robert’s car, and Daz gets into yet more trouble.

These episodes originally aired on ITV between 6 – 18 November 2003

Classic Emmerdale airs weekdays from 1.35pm on ITV3

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