Frustrated Jimmy pleads with Nicola to visit her daughter in hospital, but Nicola is focused on her execution of justice, in denial that it’s for herself instead of Angel. Nicola visits the Doctors’, but Liam says there is no medical evidence to substantiate her claims, leaving her burning with injustice on a warpath for Moira. Later, Angel encourages her to accept that the crash was an accident, but Nicola is unreadable as she decides what to do.

Manpreet becomes suspicious about Claudette’s back pain. Once alone, Claudette moves with ease, back pain nowhere to be found….

Despite a last-ditch attempt from Liam to reunite their writing partnership, Wendy upsets them both by sticking to her decision to break it off.

Ryan and Gail become exclusive with each other.


Jimmy and Tom agree to a fresh start without the shadow of Carl hanging over them.


Mack and Chloe are bolstered by their growing friendship. After Mack promises his commitment to Reuben who has been given the all clear, Chloe gets caught up in a tender moment and goes in for a kiss. Despite Mack’s rejection, she begins to fall for him all over again.

Dan worries about his finances.


Moses runs towards Mackenzie, and Charity is forced to let them spend time together. Mackenzie tries to make the most of his time together with Charity and Moses at the playground. Despite herself, Charity enjoys being a family unit again and agrees to think about including Mackenzie in Moses’ birthday plans. Meanwhile, Amy questions Chloe over her intentions with Mackenzie. Despite Amy’s warnings – it looks as though Chloe is ready to rebel.

Victoria complains to Laurel about Gabby’s need to boost The Hide’s online presence, opportunistic Amelia puts herself forward, determined to earn some income.

Belle opens up about her struggles with mental health, leaving Tom shell-shocked. She’s surprised when he kisses her, unfazed by the revelation, and Belle is made up by the strength of their relationship.


It’s the day of the stag and hen and Nicky begins to feel the pressure building as he agrees to meet Ally in private the next day.

Emmerdale airs at 7pm on ITV1 this week and Coronation Street follows at 7:30 (like the good old days)

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