A day like no other for Chesney (Sam Aston) and Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) saw them finally make it down the aisle – complete with a 7 meter long train. Paul (Peter Ash), recently diagonsed with MND, had been keeping his condition a secret as not to spoil the big day. However, after being pushed for answers by Gemma he finally admitted he was dying.

If it wasn’t for the quads and Joseph half of Chesney’s family and friends were looking to be a no show with Kirk, Fiz and his mother Cilla all unable to make it (maybe she couldn’t get time off from The Mill #Doctors)

Down in the dumps Paul got a visitor and my word Joseph said more in 20 seconds than he has said all year – Paul was ruining everything and breaking Gemma’s heart, is that really what he wanted.

Finally getting ready for the wedding Paul and Billy shared a touching moment and it made me quite emotional have grown to like Paul recently and his friendships, including with Dee-Dee Bailey are one I am really going to miss when he leaves the show.

Tyrone pointed out to an OTT Dev there was no need to shout ‘WE ARE MOVING’ Turn the volume down (and I thought I was loud).

Exchanging vows with Chesney at the altar Gemma clocked there was something amiss with Paul and later confronted him about it after he struggled to make it through the reception toast.

It wouldn’t be a Coronation Street wedding without a bust up of some description. That came in the form of Bernie and Linda who ended up in a food fight after it emerged just how much Linda had paid out for. Poor Debbie Webster ended up with a faceful of cake when it got out of hand while Dev just sat with his head in his hands.

When Gemma caught Paul in tears she wasn’t giving up or being fobbed off with excuses and wanted to know exactly what was wrong but couldn’t prepare herself for the bombshell when Paul admitted he is dying. Bernie entered the room and caught the news as well.

How will they react when Coronation Street continues tomorrow at 7:30pm on ITV1

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