Monday 5th June 2023

DAISY AND RYAN WAIT TO HEAR JUSTIN’S FATE As they leave for court, Daniel clocks an awkward look between Daisy and Ryan, before Daisy receives a text to ‘Crystal’ in which Ryan tells her how he went to see Daisy and it was a huge mistake. As Justin is led into the dock and both barristers deliver their closing speeches, Daisy’s hope fades. Whilst the jury deliberates, Daniel quizzes Daisy about the tension between her and Ryan. Daisy makes out it’s guilt over letting him think that he’s in a relationship with Crystal. With the jury returned, what will the verdict be? 

MAX CAN’T HANDLE HIS VERDICT When Lily reveals that Max might be released today, Yasmeen’s horrified, pointing out that Alya almost died because of him. Having been told of his early release, Max jams his bed across his cell door, determined he’s staying put. David talks to Max through the door and assures him he wants to help. In tears, Max admits that he did some terrible things and can’t face returning home.

ADAM STEPS UP FOR DAMON Adam, Damon and Nick meet with the council to discuss the late licence. Adam assures them that Damon is a changed man and committed to improving the local community. Damon throws him a grateful glance. Will they get the go ahead?

When Adam reveals that Damon’s invited him to a County game, Sarah’s unimpressed.

ELSEWHERE Evelyn visits Roy, only to find Yasmeen there again. As Roy explains how her finding Hayley’s coat has rekindled their friendship, Evelyn bristles. When Roy asks her if she’d mind keeping Freddie while he recuperates, Evelyn makes out it’s a huge imposition, While out for a meal, Ed and Aggie are taken aback to bump into Patrick and Yvette, their old neighbours. Aggie’s quietly fuming when Yvette insists they join them. 

Wednesday 7th June 2023

SARAH GIVES INTO TEMPTATION WITH DAMON Damon calls at the flat on the pretext of looking for Adam. When Sarah reveals that he’s out, Damon produces a bottle of wine and suggests he keeps her company. Sarah admits that although she loves Adam, she can’t stop thinking about him. As Damon leans in for a kiss, they hear the door and spring apart. Gail eyes them suspiciously as she explains that Harry’s got a temperature. As Damon goes to leave, Sarah can’t help herself and they kiss passionately. Unbeknown to them, Harry watches wide-eyed from the corridor! 

MAX TRIES TO WRITE HIS WRONGS Max is filled with shame as a police officer calls to fit him with an electronic ankle tag. Spotting a delivery driver outside Speed Daal, Max hands him a letter for Alya. Alya reads Max’s letter telling her how sorry he is. Her anger rising, Alya heads out on a mission. 

AGGIE’S HOPES ARE SHOT DOWN BY SALLY Ed explains to Dee-Dee that Aggie doesn’t want Yvette over for dinner as she’ll look down her nose when she sees where they live now. Tim suggests Aggie could borrow their house for the afternoon and pass it off as her own. Will Sally agree? 

ELSEWHERE Carla urges Ryan to try and find out who’s behind the catfishing as he should report them to the police. Daisy masks her anxiety as she hears the truth about Crystal. 

Friday 9th June 2023

SARAH COMES CLEAN TO ADAM In a bid to ease her guilt, Sarah tells Adam that she’s booked them both the day off so they can enjoy some family time. However as they play a game with Harry he becomes upset and announces that he doesn’t want a new Dad. Sarah tries to convince Adam that Harry’s remark was meaningless before admitting to Harry that she did kiss Damon but would be grateful if he would keep her secret. Distraught, Harry declares to Adam that Sarah’s a liar and he hates her. Shaking like a leaf, Sarah confesses to Adam that she’s slept with Damon. 

AGGIE’S DINNER PREPARATIONS ARE UNDERDONE As Aggie sets about cooking dinner at No.4 Sally paints on a smile, sensing that it’s going to be a disaster. Right on cue Tim appears wearing Sally’s pink dressing gown, as Patrick and Yvette arrive, totally bewildered by the sight of Tim! 

CARLA DECIDES TO SELL THE FACTORY Carla calls a meeting with Stephen and drops the bombshell that she’s selling her share of the factory and has already found a buyer.  Stephen’s shocked but manages a smile as he reads an email from the life insurance company confirming his first payment. Suggesting to Elaine they remortgage Redbank in order to buy out Carla’s share of Underworld, will Elaine agree? 

ELSEWHERE Daniel assures Daisy that with Crystal gone, Ryan will need her friendship more than ever. At Gav’s request, Max tracks down Gav’s girlfriend, Bec, to the precinct flats. In the café, Bec polishes off her food, taps her number into Max’s phone and heads out leaving Max to pay. 

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