Today: When Bree witnesses female admirers at Remi’s busking, she is uneasy. Marilyn converts a corner of the Diner into a skincare stall in the hope of selling her products.

Remi and Bree are taking it slow, but there is strong chemistry between them still. When Remi invites her over, Bree can’t help but be tempted. As the temperature heats up, Bree pulls away, not ready for physical intimacy. Remi is the perfect partner, letting Bree set the pace. But Bree is torn – wanting intimacy but needing time. And when Bree witnesses a crowd of female admirers around Remi’s busking, she’s uneasy. How long will this rock star hold out for her?

In a hasty effort to sell the boxes of skincare products in a week, Marilyn has converted a corner of the Diner into a skincare stall. Recruiting Kirby to her sales team, the women target the Diner customers, but it’s tough going. To boost sales, Marilyn offers a free coffee with every skincare purchase, ready to do anything to succeed.

As Justin’s court case seems hopeless, Justin prepares to take the stand. Fearing his hot head could lead to self-incrimination, Justin’s lawyer advises against it. But they are running out of options. Saving the day, Alf volunteers to be a character witness for Justin. Is it enough to get Justin out of a prison sentence?

Theo comforts his aunt, as Leah tries to be strong for Justin. But it’s hard knowing that she could be losing her partner for months, or even years, to prison. Spending what could be their last night together, Justin takes a devastated Leah in his arms. Despite the harrowing ordeal, the couple are stronger than ever. The next morning, Justin gets the call they’ve all been dreading – the court has made their decision.

Will today be the day that Justin is sent to prison?


  • Ada Nicodemou as Leah Patterson
  • Adam Rowland as Remi Carter
  • Angelina Thomson as Kirby Aramoana
  • Anthony Cogin as David
  • Emily Symons as Marilyn Chambers
  • Georgie Parker as Roo Stewart
  • James Stewart as Justin Morgan
  • Juliet Godwin as Bree Cameron
  • Lynne McGranger as Irene Roberts
  • Matt Evans as heo Poulos
  • Ray Meagher as Alf Stewart

This episode is written by Alexandra Cullen
This episode is directed by Ian Hughes

Home & Away airs on Channel 5 at 1:45pm

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