The next day, the wedding buzz begins as the families get ready. Caleb is quietly smug as he introduces Adrian to Kim. As the pair hit it off, Caleb’s happy that his plan is seemingly going like clockwork. Meanwhile, Gabby, in her wedding dress, is emotional as she reveals to Nicky that she wants him to officially adopt Thomas. It is all too much for Nicky who reveals he is gay and cannot go through with the wedding.

Paddy is amused to find Bear preening his beard. Paddy is unaware his father is harbouring feelings for Mandy. Soon Bear misreads a conversation with Paddy and thinks he’s got the green light from his son to pursue her. Later at the Salon, Bear finishes receiving his Salon treatment and has a twinkle in his eye as he invites Mandy out for lunch. At lunch, Mandy is stunned when a hopeful Bear moves in for a kiss. With her emotions all over the place, she hurries away leaving Bear reeling.

Charity pretends to have forgotten her birthday. As a surprise, Moses, Ryan and Noah burst in singing Happy Birthday.

The next day Charles wearily submits to help Claudette clean the church. He is acting distracted and Claudette tries to grab his attention by critiquing his sermons.

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